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As for the newborns, the risk of infection increased when women waited longer before pushing.
According to the study, "pushing heavy weights is risky for both men and women, but for different reasons." Men can push loads that are heavy enough to hurt them, while women more quickly reach a point where they just cannot push any more.
The purpose of the present study was to compare the effect of physiological pushing during second stage of labor on the duration of the second stage, mode of birth and Apgar score.
From the breakdown position, the technique is initiated by pushing the opponent's head down with the right hand while securing the 1/2 Nelson with the left (Photo 5).
Even when her clients perform exercises correctly, Beldon must constantly monitor their facial expressions for signs they're pushing too far.
I'm definitely putting my dollars and people's time on pushing the passive-dynamic approach," Atkeson says.
The high prices boosted production expenses by about $2 billion in 2004, pushing up fertilizer, energy and irrigation costs.
The forces pushing on the back side of the wall are not as obvious as they may seem.
The most interesting aspect of this situation is companies are pushing for their own demise.
And I'm sure there were times when they felt like they were angry at the world and [asked], 'Why this?' But they kept pushing forward, and I kept pushing them to do better.
But Tucci is not just pulling EMC out of a slump; he is pushing the company in a different direction.
-- Physiology suggests the standard positioning and pushing techniques used during labor and delivery require rethinking, according to Lisa Miller, certified nurse-midwife.
While spouting a virulent anti-U.S., anti-capitalist line, Brazil's new Marxist president is pushing a policy that is music to the ears of one-world power brokers and international bankers.
An intervention can break through denial and create a moment of clarity for the mongo-footer; it can open the door to treatment and help victims begin rebuilding their pushing technique, as well as their lives.