push to

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push to

1. To shove, thrust, or forcibly move someone or something to a particular position. A noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "to." Tom pushed me to the side so the bicycle wouldn't hit me. Push this old sofa to the curb so the garbage truck will collect it tomorrow.
2. To shove, thrust, or press something shut. A noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "to." Push that door to—you're letting in a draft! Please push the latch to once you're done working on the control panel.
3. To compel, motivate, or force someone to take a particular action. The bullying at school pushed Tom to take up martial arts for self-defense. I grew up in abject poverty as a kid—it's what pushes me to have a successful career. The corporate lobbyists pushed the senators to vote against the proposed regulations.
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push someone or something to someone or something

to propel someone or something to or as far as someone or something. Max pushed Lefty to the window and made him look out. I pushed the chair to the window.
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push someone to something

to try to drive or force a person to do something. After the bankruptcy the board pushed the president to resign. We pushed her to reconsider, but her mind was made up.
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push something to

to close or nearly close something, such as a door. The door is open a little. Please push it to. Todd came in and pushed the door to.
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Lucy Cornell rightly points out that it is in fact society that pushes us to think that we do not have a right to use our voice.
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity pushes us to explore the barriers that divide.
Trading pushes us to seek situations that offer more reward than loss, to stick with what is rewarding and exit what is not.
So it goes in just about every sport; it pushes us to go farther, but sometimes pushes us over the edge.
"He pushes us to the maximum emotionally and physically, but in such a positive manner," adds Sabrina Matthews.
We are presented with something that causes us to stop in our steps and pushes us to reflect, to meditate, on memory, both collective and personal--a monument of sorts, to the contradiction between the presumed futility of the "game" (the cards) and the meditative seriousness to which, by cultural definition, the works' formal incarnation seems to refer.
The human mind is tantalized with psychological proses, biblical quotes and sometimes just the plain truth as he pushes us to the brink of reality.
It is hard for me to see how a society that pushes us to stay healthy and vital could justify, for instance, trying to stop people from undergoing a genetic therapy or consuming a drug cocktail aimed at retarding aging.
As modern technology pushes us to think and work beyond four walls, Tudor has eliminated the need to do business between only those office walls.