push toward

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push toward

1. To move or proceed toward someone or something, especially with determination or in spite of some difficulty or hindrance. We pushed toward the river through the thick underbrush. An assailant began pushing toward the senator through the crowd of people.
2. To shove, thrust, or press someone or something toward someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "toward." I pushed her toward Jake so that she would finally ask him out. I pushed the desk toward the window.
3. To proceed or make progress in the direction of some goal or outcome especially with determination or in spite of some difficulty or hindrance. We've had a number of delays, but we're still pushing toward a December release date for the product. The government has pushed closer toward passing the controversial legislation.
4. To urge, cause, or compel someone to take some action. A number of corporate lobbyists are pushing the senators toward voting against the regulatory bill. My father pushed me toward studying law, but my real passion is for art.
5. To urge, cause, or compel someone or something in the direction of some goal or outcome. We've hired a new team to push the project toward completion. All of the new pressures this business is experiencing is pushing me toward an early retirement.
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push someone or something toward someone or something

to propel someone or something to someone or something. The drama coach got behind the shy young actor playing Romeo and pushed him toward Juliet. Clyde pushed his victim toward the edge of the cliff.
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push toward someone or something

to move or struggle toward someone or something. The crowd pushed toward the convicted man, but the police held them back. The horses pushed toward the corral gate.
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References in classic literature ?
Jim had to be careful not to step upon the tiny piglets, who scampered under his feet grunting and squealing, while Eureka, snarling and biting at the thorns pushed toward her, also tried to protect the pretty little things from injury.
Knightley thought he saw another collection of letters anxiously pushed towards her, and resolutely swept away by her unexamined.
But the most fearful spectacle was Noirtier being pushed towards the bed, his face expressing all his meaning, and his eyes supplying the want of every other faculty.
Uttering a low querulous growl, the speaker, whose harsh countenance was the very epitome of selfishness, raked the scanty fire nearly out of the grate, and, emptying the glass which Noggs had pushed towards him, inquired where he kept his coals.
"Reginald Musgrave sat down opposite to me, and lit the cigarette which I had pushed towards him.
Wilson was so defiant, he initially refused to answer questions while dozens of hard-pressed property owners pushed toward him in a chaotic scene outside the Cook County treasurers office.
She has denied most of the charges and insisted that it was a paper cup she pushed toward the door, not toward people.
Sheuli Akter, the wife of Jahangir Alam, filed the complaint with Dhaka magistrate Wasim Sheikh, saying her husband and other workers were "pushed toward death" by building owner Mohammed Sohel Rana and two others.
At the same time the laptop is pushed toward the user for easier operation.
There are moments when Sew Hoy's constructions disappoint, when their craft could have been better and the work pushed toward deliberately fine rather than default-funky.
It was fundamentally different from the pre-famine economy in which an underclass living at subsistence levels loomed so large, even if there were bad years in post-famine Ireland when many people were pushed toward the margin of subsistence.
As a result of this and the debt of other nations, the United Nations is currently being pushed toward bankruptcy and possible closure.
Nitsch's fourdisc Island: Eine Sinfonie in 10 Satzen, recorded in 1980 in Iceland and originally put out by Dieter Roth Verlag, is now being issued by a record label with an extra-art world identity; the result is that Nitsch's work has been pushed toward the noise-loving wing of the contemporarymusic audience, rather than its European Conceptual-art counterpart.
The names of Decter's various zones were not immediately apparent upon entering a gallery; rather, they had been pushed toward the floor and the edges of walls - you know, to the margins.