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He pushed his luck, working past boundaries, at times falling into pits he had himself unwittingly dug up.
Barrie Hayman was sharing a pint at the pub with Star the duck and his pet pooch Meggie when his feathered friend "finally pushed his luck a bit far".
He's pushed his luck too far this time and the BBC has been very patient with him but he doesn't listen.
But with no taste for bulging bank accounts, luxury holidays or the quiet life, he pushed his luck instead, and lost.
Okay, so he may have pushed his luck a couple of times, but isn't the best comedy usually about pushing boundaries and being original?
And while many thought he'd already pushed his luck to get that far, he then went on to brush aside Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in his next match, only finally being sent packing by the world No 1, Rafael Nadal.
Undoubtedly, the former England captain pushed his luck too far.
It appears that at times Wheeler pushed his luck, but that was inevitable when seeking the truth in an environment beset by constant competition, debate and fear.
I think on this occasion he has pushed his luck once too often and made a judgment which has gone against him.
The Dutch official had reprimanded Hartley for two similar challenges just moments earlier and his patience finally snapped when the Scotland player pushed his luck too far.
This time, however, he may have pushed his luck too far, for in the total victory at Munda he wiped out all the remaining family and confederates of Pompey, save only one son who escaped the carnage.
One player was not shocked by Klinsmann's decision to go: "Jurgen has really pushed his luck with the manager and opposed practically everything he has done.
It is not the first time Cristiano has been in trouble, and there is a real sense that he has pushed his luck this time.
The snapper pushed his luck and - still speaking in French - asked him to take off his clothes.
He quit a year later, convinced he had pushed his luck to the limit.