push into

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push into

1. To insert something into something else by shoving, thrusting, or pressing it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "push" and "into." You'll need to push the fuse into circuit board if you want to restore power to the system. Push the key into the ignition and turn it to start the car.
2. To force someone or something into something or some place by shoving, thrusting, or pressing on them or it. A noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "into." He pushed me into the house and shut the door behind us. I was just pushing this into the shed to get it out of the way.
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push (someone, something, or an animal) into something

to guide, shove, or press someone, something, or an animal inside of something. I pushed the lawn mower into the garage and closed the door. I opened the garage door and pushed the dog in.
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push someone or something into someone or something

to cause someone or something to bump into someone or something. Todd accidentally pushed Marlene into Bill. I pushed the lawn mower into the tree by accident.
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push someone into something

 and push someone in
to force someone into a situation; to force someone to do something. They are trying to push me into signing the contract. Please don't push me into it! You pushed me in!
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According to Naumov, the Prime Minister did not try to pull us out, but he is persistently continuing to push us into some type of an undeclared civil war.
The responsibility of the leadership of SDSM is immense since they wish to push us into a conflict of that sort.
He said: "We have dropped far too many points in the opening half of the season but I'm confident we can go on a winning run to push us into a promotion place.
"There have been several attempts recently by pro-Agreement republicans to push us into retaliatory action.
It is not difficult to understand the irritation people feel when somebody says, 'Just wait.' Words like that seem to push us into passivity.
''I only hope that IMF does not push us into such a corner,'' Musharraf said in a joint interview with Kyodo News and two Japanese newspapers at Army House in Rawalpindi.