push toward

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push someone or something toward someone or something

to propel someone or something to someone or something. The drama coach got behind the shy young actor playing Romeo and pushed him toward Juliet. Clyde pushed his victim toward the edge of the cliff.
See also: push, toward

push toward someone or something

to move or struggle toward someone or something. The crowd pushed toward the convicted man, but the police held them back. The horses pushed toward the corral gate.
See also: push, toward
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According to HDB officials, the project supports Singapore's push toward the use of alternative energy.
This push toward providing learning opportunities within close reach is an exciting development.
Persevere: Thou shalt push toward the mark, keep the faith, and not give up.
These indexes do not measure "social" inflation, which encompasses changes in attitudes toward litigation, changes in jury attitudes, new theories of liability and the push toward large settlements given by large punitive damage awards.
The subtitle further suggests the will to push toward some cosmic infinity--and thus to shatter--the limits that formerly enclosed works within specific cultural contexts.
Many of the Christian churches in my community of Montrose conducted a push toward the Nov.
4 At approximately 15 yards, push toward the post and look forward the QB.
The push toward multi-level retailing on Madison Avenue was marked by the opening of Barney's New York uptown store, a move that was quickly followed by the Calvin Klein flagship store lease at 654 Madison Avenue, a 23-story building situated at the southeast corner of 60th Street.
The ongoing push toward all-digital networks is making it possible to send any type of information - sound, image, data and full-motion video - the same way.
Despite what appears to be a strong push toward CEA, the actual impact of CEA findings on health care decision-making has been mixed.
In addition, there is an increasing need to have an extensive portfolio of core designs, to develop world-class electronic design automation (EDA) software tools, and to be proactively engaged with OEM customers in accelerating the push toward higher market share for programmable logic devices (PLDs)," observes the analyst.
With the continued push toward globalization, what are the keys for diecasters to compete and thrive in the next 10 years?
The pressure of helping the Scorpions push toward another Southern Section championship hasn't shaken Brown.
Homosexual organizations spread throughout the region also routinely exchange information in a push toward becoming a real--if virtual--community in this famously macho part of the world.
Much more than those engaged in the push toward virtuality, most of these writers are resisting the actual life.