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push to

1. To shove, thrust, or forcibly move someone or something to a particular position. A noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "to." Tom pushed me to the side so the bicycle wouldn't hit me. Push this old sofa to the curb so the garbage truck will collect it tomorrow.
2. To shove, thrust, or press something shut. A noun or pronoun is used between "push" and "to." Push that door to—you're letting in a draft! Please push the latch to once you're done working on the control panel.
3. To compel, motivate, or force someone to take a particular action. The bullying at school pushed Tom to take up martial arts for self-defense. I grew up in abject poverty as a kid—it's what pushes me to have a successful career. The corporate lobbyists pushed the senators to vote against the proposed regulations.
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push someone or something to someone or something

to propel someone or something to or as far as someone or something. Max pushed Lefty to the window and made him look out. I pushed the chair to the window.
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push someone to something

to try to drive or force a person to do something. After the bankruptcy the board pushed the president to resign. We pushed her to reconsider, but her mind was made up.
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push something to

to close or nearly close something, such as a door. The door is open a little. Please push it to. Todd came in and pushed the door to.
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Push to talk services implement push SIP session control, instead of using circuit switched end-to-end session control.
Push to talk markets are forecast to achieve growth because the calls have subsecond call set up, the systems implement voice over IP, and there is no session to manage, or control.
To cater for this requirement, Sonim supplies a Push to Talk system, together with its XP1 handsets that are equipped with this facility.
With Push to Talk, business will have an affordable group communications system, incorporating different mobile telephones.
0-compliant push to talk (PTT) solution to offer to NewPhone's subscriber base.
Sonim has provided a world class Push to Talk solution that was designed with the enterprise user in mind.
One of the core strengths with an IMS solution for standard-based push to talk is its ability to enable compatibility between a range of devices delivered from different vendors", says Bjorn Olsson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Business Unit Systems at Ericsson.
As part of Sonim's Instant Port(TM) handset program, Sonim and LG will jointly deliver handsets with Push-to-Talk capability based on the Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) phase 1 specification, ensuring world-wide and system-wide interoperability.
eStara's click to call service -- Push to Talk -- will be integrated into Interchange's Local Direct paid search suite of products and services, a powerful local search platform made available to Internet and printed Yellow Pages publishers (IYP/YP).
Sonim Technologies, the leader in enabling wireless data networks to deliver services including the Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability, today announced that the Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) Phase 1 specification is proven as a viable application over today's GPRS networks.
Sonim Technologies, the leading developer of the Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) standard and IP-enabled wireless voice applications, recognized Sony Ericsson's pioneering announcement of the first PoC compliant phone featuring EDGE technology.
Nasdaq:PLCM), the world's leader in video and voice conferencing, conference bridges and integrated web collaboration solutions, today announced that Sonim and Polycom will demonstrate at CTIA a compelling conference calling application utilizing the Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) specification that enables users to instantly initiate a conference call from their PTT "buddy list.
Samsung Electronics and Togabi Technologies today announced a strategic agreement aimed at bringing Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) technology to the mass market.
NASDAQ:PTNR)("Partner"), Israel's largest GSM operator, has selected Nokia's Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution to bring this easy and instant form of communications to its customers.
Sonim has been working with the leading handset manufacturers since the submission of the Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) specification to deliver PoC-compliant handsets based on the industry leading Sonim PoC Client.