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She said: 'Sophie said 'excuse me, don't push past me', or something along those lines.
Learning how to push past the rejection and disappointment that undoubtedly lie ahead, dig deep inside and find your drive.
Coventry fought hard against a resilient Blues side and were rewarded when neat play from Ziggy Gowlett caught their opponents on the break, allowing Brace to push past the keeper, who had come off her line.
Reeking of alcohol, the dad-of-three, from Stirling, twice tried to push past court cop John Gault.
These changes allowed so-called industry lightweights, such as Dell, to push past Sun.
The book aims to push past boundaries to encourage exploration of new ideas and to trust and develop your own aesthetic abilities.
But if you are to reach your objectives, you must find it within yourself to push past that fear and start working toward them anyway.
Huge amounts of pressure build up as the plates try to push past one another.
Malignant cells must first push past the barrier of connective tissue between cell layers, then weather the body's immune attack, then successfully colonize new sites.
When he declined, the attacker tried to push past him, then pulled out a knife and thrust it towards him.
But the disagreement turned violent and, in trying to push past her, he grabbed her hair and kneed her in the head.
But as it was meant to be winding down, about 100 youths tried to push past police barricades.
The teenager did as she was told, but when Hanks put down the knife and turned his back she took the chance to push past him and run for help.