push for (something)

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push for (something)

To advocate or lobby for something to happen or become established, especially in a persistent or demanding manner. The governor has been pushing for a new tax-relief scheme for middle- and lower-class workers. I've been pushing for a communal tea and coffee station since I first started working here.
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push for something

to request or demand something. The citizens are pushing for an investigation of the police department. My secretary is pushing for a raise.
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push for

To request or demand something insistently: Taxpayers are pushing for tax reforms.
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"I've been trying to push for something big and to have that in my hometown again is great," he said.
The September edition is the magazine's most important of the year and Meghan said: "I realise the reach, and I see the opportunity to be a part of fashion's push for something greater, kinder, more impactful.
"He was very political and was trying to push for something better than what we have.
The time has come for Asia's football communities to push for something much greater.
He added: "If you go off on trying to push for something that has no chance of getting done, that we couldn't possibly pay for, that just takes away from where you can really make progress in helping people that need help today."
Chow has led the push for something to be done about these shophouses instead of letting them fall into ruins ever since the Sia Boey Market and the last of the tenants were relocated by landowner, Penang Development Corporation (PDC).
The ex-defender, who's also involved in coaching Dundee United's Under-16s, added: "I had a couple of chances two or three years ago to push for something in management but I didn't feel ready.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-TN), who pushed for tougher sanctions against Iran during negotiations, told reporters that the Senate would push for something "much broader" when Congress resumes next year.
I will definitely push for something where I can work in different T20 leagues around the world as a consultant during the other months.
I really had to push for something to be done; I was heavily pregnant and this was very stressful.
Those who care about climate recovery, protecting farm and forestlands, transit and bike infrastructure, and affordable housing should make common cause with neighborhood leaders and push for something better.
In this case, I did not push for something in writing.
And having seen Xscape's indoor snowy glory for myself, maybe now's the time to push for something similar in the North-east?
It's not necessarily a dream - push for something amazing this weekend.