push for

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push for (something)

To advocate or lobby for something to happen or become established, especially in a persistent or demanding manner. The governor has been pushing for a new tax-relief scheme for middle- and lower-class workers. I've been pushing for a communal tea and coffee station since I first started working here.
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push for something

to request or demand something. The citizens are pushing for an investigation of the police department. My secretary is pushing for a raise.
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push for

To request or demand something insistently: Taxpayers are pushing for tax reforms.
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"If the opportunity presents itself, we're going to push for it full bore....
CEF's executive director serves on the PUSH for Excellence board with Jackson's son, Jonathan.
Minnesota: Republicans in the legislature are expected to push for converting the state's tuition tax deduction program, which benefits primarily private school patrons, into tuition tax credits, a more direct form of aid.
Nebraska: The state's Catholic bishops have announced another push for tuition tax credits.
Some activists compare the effort to build momentum for campaign-finance reform to the push for nationalized health care in Canada -- which happened through a grassroots effort, one province at a time.
Among Operation PUSH programs is PUSH For Excellence (PUSH-Excel), which was founded in 1976 to inspire youth to seek knowledge and to realize the importance of education as the foundation for economic and social advancement.
His self-help project, PUSH for Excellence (PUSH Excel), founded four years before Ronald Reagan would campaign for president under the same "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" theme in 1980, attracted millions in federal dollars, thanks to former Vice President Hubert H.
In an effort to curb gun violence, black elected officials and organizations are using political muscle to push for gun control legislation.