push at

push at (someone or something)

To apply continuous or repeated pressure on someone or something. You can push at that thing all you want—there's no way you'll get it to budge. I'm moving, I'm moving! You don't have to keep pushing at me!
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push at someone or something

to apply pressure to and try to move someone or something. She pushed at him, trying to get him to get out of the way, but he wouldn't budge. Mary pushed at the door, trying to open it against the wind. There is no need for you to push at me so hard.
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Mobile developers can access Flurry Push at www.flurry.com.
A slightly shorter, but still stable stack tumbles with just a small push at the top.
But the production push at both rigs and refineries is exacting a human and environmental toll.
In the past, I remember telling my Labor Assistant clients to push through the burn because with one great big push at this point the head will surely be born, which will remove the stinging, burning sensation.