push aside

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push someone or something aside

to shove someone or something to one side. Martha pushed Bill aside and went in ahead of him. He pushed aside the papers and laid his books on the desk.
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If an object is broad enough to push aside enough water to equal its weight, like a boat, it will float.
To fix the slipped disk, a surgeon must cut through skin, slide past muscle, drill through bone and then push aside the outer wrapping of the spinal cord to remove the peanut-butter-like packing material that squeezed out of place.
Sonic booms occur as supersonic aircraft push aside air molecules with great force.
Erickson speculates that drugs designed to push aside the water molecule and mimic its linking ability may bind protease even more strongly.
The Lakers probably are too talented to lose four of the next five games to the Rockets, but it's not clear if they can push aside all the injuries and anger to gather the focus required for a series - without home-court advantage - against the Spurs.
The lawsuit also accuses Santa Clarita of improperly attempting to push aside the city of Los Angeles and become the lead agency overseeing Las Lomas, which is to include a business park and a large shopping center.
Of course, the most positive aspect of this type of eating experience may well be the fact that you can push aside anything that you don't like and quickly get something else.
To use, push aside the pet's fur and squeeze the liquid onto the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, said Dr.
If she appears, Lewinsky would push aside actress Molly Shannon, who has frequently portrayed her in skits.
Tonight the 25-year-old makes his season debut, and he hopes to push aside the past two seasons in which he went a combined 21-21.
He fought himself in a tortuous, never-ending effort to push aside something that wouldn't go away - the Garcia tragedy - while competing against opponents trained to destroy him.