push across

push (someone or something) across (something)

To shove or thrust someone or something from one side of something to another. We had to push the car across the street by hand. He pushed me across the room in my wheelchair.
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push someone or something across (something)

to move or propel someone or something across something. Jill pushed Fred across the ice. He simply could not skate at all. The old car stalled just before the bridge, so we pushed it across.
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References in classic literature ?
Lead thy men down, as if to a sally; throw the postern-gate open There are but two men who occupy the float, fling them into the moat, and push across for the barbican.
how now, my brave and spirited friend, shall we yet mount and push across the flames, or shall we stand here, and see those we most love perish in this frightful manner, without an effort?"
Pierre drew his third in the ballgame with the bases loaded and one out in the tenth to push across the go-ahead run in Trey Vavra.
Even the day to celebrate the unity in diversity has actually become a tool to push across political motives often with the intent to trigger the sentiments of those who confuse nationhood with political ideology and language.
The Omanization drive aims to recruit more of local citizens in private companies -- a similar push across the GCC where countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait who have also been trying to increase the number of nationals in private sector employment.
The 688 km (430 miles) East Coast Rail Link will connect the South China Sea in the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia with strategic shipping routes in the west and is a major part of China's infrastructure push across Asia and beyond.
Sharjah: Sharjah is joining the push across the country to install free electric chargers to power zero-emission electric cars, officials said on Thursday.
"In addition, rain, hail, sleet and snow showers will continue to push across Wales and western England, with some small accumulations over the higher ground of Wales."
Looking ahead, the third week of January is likely to see weather becoming slightly milder as Atlantic weather systems try to push across.
Iraq launched a long-awaited operation to recapture the Anbar provincial capital but after an initial push across the Euphrates River, their progress stalled.
The new Surface devices have come in the light of Microsoft giving its operating system, Windows 10, a major push across multiple devices.
Meanwhile, Accent Press has a selection of e-books on sale for GBP0.99 and will reportedly "do a big splash/ push across social media with bespoke artwork for each title."