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push away

1. Literally, to press or shove someone or something in order to move them or it away (from someone, something, or oneself). In each usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "push" and "away." I pushed my sister away so she couldn't get my toy. The toddler pushed away her plate of food and refused to eat.
2. To attempt to block or expel someone or something from one's thoughts. He's been pushing away the guilt of what happened for years now. I've had to push her away from my thoughts. It was the only way I could get on with my life.
3. To reject the emotional support or intimacy of a friend, family member, or romantic partner. Why are you pushing me away, Tom? Can't you see that I just want to help? She pushed away all her family and friends after losing the baby.
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push by

To make one's way past (someone or something) by pushing. Tom tried to push by, but the bouncer wouldn't let him into the club. People kept pushing by us in line.
See also: by, push
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push someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to move or force someone or something away from someone or something. The police pushed the crowd away from the movie star. They pushed away the hecklers from the stage.


(oneself) away (from something) to move oneself back and away from something. The skater pushed herself away from the wall. Tom pushed himself away from the table when he had eaten enough.


(oneself) by (someone or something) to shove or thrust oneself past someone or something. In a hurry, I pushed myself by the security guard, and almost got arrested for doing so. I pushed by Jane and went in first.
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1. tv. to approach a particular age (in years). He’s only pushing thirty, but he looks much older.
2. in. to recruit new drug users and sell drugs to them; to deal in drugs. He was pushing for two years before the cops got him.
3. tv. to hype something or someone; to pressure something or someone. The clerk was pushing one brand so hard that I finally bought it.
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