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be in pursuit

Following or chasing someone or something. The burglar got away, but I called the police, and now they're in pursuit.
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be in pursuit of (someone or something)

To follow or chase someone or something. I called the police, and now they're in pursuit of the burglar.
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in hot pursuit (of someone or something)

Chasing or pursuing someone or something very closely or with great energy or zeal. The suspect was seen fleeing down Main Street with police in hot pursuit. They've been in hot pursuit of an Olympic gold medal for the last eight years.
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in pursuit of (someone or something)

Following or chasing someone or something. I called the police, and now they're in pursuit of the burglar.
See also: of, pursuit
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in pursuit of something

chasing after something. Bill spends most of his time in pursuit of money. Every year Bob goes into the countryside in pursuit of butterflies.
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in hot purˈsuit (of somebody/something)

chasing somebody; trying to catch somebody: He grabbed the jewels and ran, with several customers in hot pursuit.
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I am saying that self-loathing is one thing and the male pursuit of beauty is another, and it is important to distinguish between the two.
However, India did not embark on a policy of hot pursuit then despite the Home Minister espousing it in verbal terms.
Mahuli ka after six days tapos ma-release ka kasi hindi hot pursuit (I will not allow that you killed that victim and you will just be released.
Charlie then helped Great Britain win team pursuit gold at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Holland.
When Cold Pursuit dispenses of one of its many creeps, it laments the loss of each one sacrificed on the altar of familiar genre grind.
Pursuit offers 15 models of offshore, dual console and centre console boats.
Easterby's (below) five-year-old son of Pastoral Pursuits has won seven of his 37 races on turf - four on ground officially described as soft or heavy.
Until 1988 the women continued to contest only the sprint and individual pursuit. The sprint was replaced by the points race in 1988 and from 1989 to 1991, women raced all three-sprint, individual pursuit and points race.
The pursuit in the early hours of December 9 had involved Greater Manchester Police Roads Policing Unit officers and a police helicopter.
4000 Individual Pursuit Men's Elite, Arsalan Anjum Pakistan Army 04:59:89 Gold Medal New National Record, Sabir ,WAPDA , 05:07:67 Silver Medal, Izat Ullah, WAPDA ,
In Ashgabat, Mirza will participate in the Omnium and then combine with Ahmad Al Mansouri, Mohammad Al Mansouri and Mohammad Al Murawwi for the Team Pursuit. Nasser Al Marmarri, the fifth member on the squad, will take part in the 200 metres sprint and Kirin.
Therefore, based on this two-prong test to determine what a business pursuit is, no coverage was available.
In "The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness", Jill Filipovic (contributing opinion writer for the New York Times and a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan.com) argues that the main obstacle standing in-between women and happiness is a rigged system.
Glasgow-based Pursuit Marketing faces just that challenge, generating business-to-business sales leads in the skills-constrained IT and technology sector.
The pursuit started in the Rugby area on Wednesday after a car failed to stop and ended just off J2 of the M6 for Coventry.