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be in pursuit

Following or chasing someone or something. The burglar got away, but I called the police, and now they're in pursuit.
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in hot pursuit (of someone or something)

Chasing or pursuing someone or something very closely or with great energy or zeal. The suspect was seen fleeing down Main Street with police in hot pursuit. They've been in hot pursuit of an Olympic gold medal for the last eight years.
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in pursuit of something

chasing after something. Bill spends most of his time in pursuit of money. Every year Bob goes into the countryside in pursuit of butterflies.
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in hot purˈsuit (of somebody/something)

chasing somebody; trying to catch somebody: He grabbed the jewels and ran, with several customers in hot pursuit.
See also: hot, pursuit
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It took five more years to add the team sprint for women, bringing the total number of events to seven (compared to 10 for men), but a year later the women also added the team pursuit, and the year after (2009) the Omnium, leaving the only difference the Madison, which finally became part of the women's UCI World Championship program last year in Hong Kong.
The Trivial Pursuit game has been a favorite since the 1980s and the new Trivial Pursuit & Friends mobile game will let fans enjoy the beloved trivia game with new questions and completely new ways to play
A short time after the pursuit began the vehicle was abandoned in a field off Moorside Road in Drighlington with four men fleeing the area on foot.
The officer has to take into consideration the volume of traffic, the location of pursuit, time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, nature of the charges, pedestrian traffic, number of police vehicles on patrol and quality of the (police) radio communications.
The department that has primary authority at a particular location along the pursuit path is referred to as the jurisdictional agency.
1997: Wins individual pursuit gold at Junior World Track Championships in Cuba.
YouTube is an incredibly exciting innovation for TRIVIAL PURSUIT,EoACA[yen] said Jane Ritson-Parsons, Global Brand Leader for TRIVIAL PURSUIT.
That would mean Thomas would be left just with the team pursuit, leading the 23-year-old Team Sky signing to lament: "It's frustrating, but there's nothing we can do about it as bike riders.
The focus of the present article is gender differences in McCollum's (2006) model of college students' social goal pursuit.
Based on the movers, shakers, celebrations and dramas of the 1990s, Trivial Pursuit 90s tests the knowledge of the decade that defined a generation from Posh Spice to Pocahontas and Exxon to EuroDisney.
Pursuit Dynamics plc, the developer and licensor of the innovative and patented PDX[R] technology is moving its headquarters to larger premises in Cambridgeshire.
And in the last room was Pursuit Curve, a seven-minute digital animation.
a the pursuit of excellence through public competition.
He was speaking after the eighth death during a police pursuit on Merseyside's roads sinceJanuary 2002.
Civic skill is the ability to deploy knowledge in the pursuit of political goals--actions such as voting, protesting, petitioning, and debating.