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purr like a cat

 and purr like a kitten 
1. Fig. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. My car really purred after I got it tuned up. New sparkplugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
2. Fig. [for a person] to be very pleased, and perhaps moan or purr with pleasure. She was so pleased that she purred like a cat. Sarah really purrs like a kitten when she is happy.
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purr (like a cat)

in. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. New spark plugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
See also: cat, like, purr


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Once a pet is rescued, Wags and Purrs has it health-checked and treats it for any ailments it might suffer.
We've had satellite recording equipment sent over to our house from America, especially to record her purr.
Merlin's purr is rated as loud as a classroom of chattering children, a London Underground train, or the sound of a car horn 25ft away, the Mirror reported.
However, researchers have found that cats also purr in other, often surprising situations--when giving birth and nursing, when under duress and even when dying.
While most cats purr at around 25 decibels, Smokey has been recorded at an average of 80 decibels.
In the meantime, if you are lucky enough to have a cat or two curl up next to you and purr, they are sharing the feline brand of vibrational healing.
With purring being the normal mode of communication for a happy cat, researchers from The Centre of Mammal Vocal Communication at the University of Sussex found the 'gimme food' purr is much more highpitched.
When a cat purrs is can often mean it's depressed or suffering from stress.
The rescued cat at Wags and Purrs Group in Abu Dhabi.
Eklund has recorded countless cat purrs, and found that domestic cats purr at between 20.
Alison Woosnam believes the loving nature and deep purrs of her Norwegian forest cats had an enormous therapeutic effect on her.
Some cats have really loud purrs and will seemingly purr at the drop of a hat (however, the loudness of the purr and the frequency of purring don't seem to be related).
On the question of the sacred institution of gratuitous slasher-film nudity, Wolfe purrs, "Well, I wouldn't say gratuitous.
Rangers superstar Paul Gascoigne reckons Jonas Thern is such a good player he calls him Rolls Royce - because he PURRS in midfield