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purr like a cat

 and purr like a kitten 
1. Fig. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. My car really purred after I got it tuned up. New sparkplugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
2. Fig. [for a person] to be very pleased, and perhaps moan or purr with pleasure. She was so pleased that she purred like a cat. Sarah really purrs like a kitten when she is happy.
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purr (like a cat)

in. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. New spark plugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
See also: cat, like, purr


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We thought Smokey's purring was normal at first as we hadn't had a cat in the house before.
Many owners also wrongly assumes a purring cat is always happy and smelly breath is normal in dogs.
Pet owners have observed down the centuries that the vibratory rhythms from a cat's purring can induce feelings of calm and well-being.
Babalu gracefully walked around the house, purring and rubbing against Edmundo's legs, and the furniture, thanking them for bringing him out of the bitter cold.
And so it goes over a soundscape of strings, purring electronics and acoustic guitars.
Stunned driver Andy Cowling was about to start work when he was handed his purring passenger.
Purring may be one way cats communicate--with each other and their human friends.
Thomas the cat was purring all the way to the bank yesterday after being offered his very own credit card.
High quality 3D animations like greetings by Frodo, a purring Garfield or a sad Charlie Brown will help users to express themselves and to share emotions.
The tempos that Teie used mimicked purring and the suckling sound of nursing.
The most typical explanation of purring is that it is an expression of happiness and contentment.
She and her owner Ruth Adams were in Waterstones, Nuneaton, on Saturday to sign copies of Smokey: The very loud purring cat.
One theory is that purring is a sign of submission.
THE Pussycat Dolls unveiled their sexy lingerie collection last night and had everyone purring.
Adults feeding the chicks often fluttered their wings and made a purring sound heard only when chicks were present.