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purr like a cat

 and purr like a kitten 
1. Fig. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. My car really purred after I got it tuned up. New sparkplugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
2. Fig. [for a person] to be very pleased, and perhaps moan or purr with pleasure. She was so pleased that she purred like a cat. Sarah really purrs like a kitten when she is happy.
See also: cat, like, purr

purr (like a cat)

in. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. New spark plugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
See also: cat, like, purr


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Solving the cat's purr mystery using accelerometers [web page].
Easily the most unique indication of contentment to ever be emitted by a feline, Lulu's purr will become your new favorite sound.
Cats purr at the same speed as an idling diesel engine, roughly 26 cycles per second.
Purr Along wasn't ready for either Classics and trainer Muir has bided his time before allowing her to make his seasonal return.
Purr Along will join another of Al Thani's new recruits on the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe undercard, after the owner recently purchased Superlative and Vintage Stakes winner Olympic Glory, who will contest the Group 1 Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere.
Cats often purr while under duress, such as during a visit to the veterinarian or when recovering from injury.
Smokey, aged 13, hit the headlines last year when she set a new world record for her purr - measured at 67.
The young inventors built upon American research that claims that the cat stays fit and free from debilitating diseases longer than other animals, like dogs, because it heals itself with its purr.
Kittens will purr to tell their mother that they are well and getting milk successfully.
After 2 days, the chicks in the mealtime-broadcast nests were ahead of their age-group in readily begging at the sound of a purr.
And shining in the spotlight, Chiqui's throaty purr garnered her ``Best Singer'' honors among all the other potential canine crooners.
DAVID Cameron has embarrassed the Queen by claiming news of the No vote made her purr.
This 12-year-old lady will rub you and purr and purr when she's petted.
However, researchers have found that cats also purr in other, often surprising situations--when giving birth and nursing, when under duress and even when dying.