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born in the purple

Born into royalty. Purple is a color traditionally associated with royalty. Did you see pictures of the latest addition to the royal family? What a sweet little princess born in the purple!
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born to the purple

Born into royalty. Purple is a color traditionally associated with royalty. Did you see pictures of the latest addition to the royal family? What a sweet little princess born to the purple!
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purple kush

A particular strain of marijuana consisting of 100% indica, noted for its purple color. Police busted him for carrying nearly 10 pounds of purple kush in the trunk of his car. I just got some purple kush—want to toke up with me?
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purple patch

1. A section of writing that is showy and extravagant and often stands out in contrast to the rest of the writing in a piece. I don't want to see a single purple patch in these research papers, class. Focus on communicating the facts!
2. A period marked by much success or good luck. Primarily heard in UK. After falling behind early, the team hit a purple patch and scored three quick goals to tie the game. We had few lean years, but our business is finally in a purple patch now, thank goodness.
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purple prose

Writing that is full of flowery or excessively elaborate language. My early romance novels were nothing but purple prose—very embarrassing to read now.
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purple state

In U.S. general elections, a state that votes in roughly equal proportion for candidates of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Primarily heard in US. Whoever is going to win the election will have to focus their power on swinging the purple states of the country in their favor.
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born in (or to) the purple

born into a reigning family or privileged class.
In ancient times, purple garments were worn only by royal and imperial families because of the rarity and costliness of the dye. Born in the purple (rather than to ) may have specific reference to the fact that Byzantine empresses gave birth in a room in the palace at Constantinople whose walls were lined with the purple stone porphyry. The title ‘the Porphyrogenitos’ or ‘Porphyrogenita’ was used for a prince or princess born in this room.
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a purple patch

an ornate or elaborate passage in a literary composition.
This term is a translation of Latin purpureus pannus , and comes from the Roman poet Horace's Ars Poetica: ‘Works of serious purpose and grand promises often have a purple patch or two stitched on, to shine far and wide’.
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purple kush

n. marijuana. He’s high on purple kush.
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purple prose

Exceedingly florid, oversentimental writing. This term began life as purple patches in the Latin poet Horace’s De Arte Poetica (ca. 20 b.c.): “Often on a work of grave purpose and high promise is tacked a purple patch or two to give an effect of color.”
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References in classic literature ?
It was a very pretty little bird, with purple wings and body, and yellow legs, and a circle of golden feathers round its neck, and on its head a golden tuft, which looked like a king's crown in miniature.
As often as Ulysses moved forward, however, the bird showed the greatest alarm, and did its best to drive him back, with the anxious flutter of its purple wings.
"A purple kitten can't be 'spected to remember, Evring," said Dorothy.
For the purpose of raising awareness about epilepsy, the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation in Mostar, showed readiness to support the marking of Purple Day and with the support of Dreammmedia they illuminated the Old Bridge in color purple this evening.
Towns and cities awarded Purple Flag status are recognised for providing a vibrant mix of entertainment while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.
Transition bedroom color: Purple has long been a favorite shade for adolescents who are growing up and moving away from pinks and peaches into more mature room colors.
As the title suggests, the kind-hearted girls work purple clothing and took part in purple-themed"fun and games".
This Purple Day you can help more kids and families live better with their condition.
The money we raise on Purple Day will mean we can help even more.
Add red cabbage and onions, purple artichokes, purple carrots, beets, purple corn and purple cauliflowers to your list of must-grow veg.
The purple sandpiper is mainly grey above and whitish below, as can be seen from David Pye's fine picture.
Go Purple is BulliesOut's fundraising and awareness campaign to recognise all those who are suffering or have suffered from bullying.
The Starry Purple design is an inspiration of colors representing today's generation of their magical memories.
AWARD-WINNING TV garden designer brothers Harry and David Rich, presenters of BBC1's Garden Rescue, tell Hannah Stephenson that purple is among the coolest colours on the block.