purge from

purge (something) from (something)

1. To clear something totally from something. We'll need to purge the contaminated coolant from the machine before we begin operating it. I recommend purging old fuel from the tank of your lawn mower when taking it out of winter storage. Police have begun purging protesters from the streets.
2. To cleanse impure thoughts or feelings from someone or one's mind or soul. I recommend you turn to prayer to purge those evil thoughts from your mind. Your obsessive focus on purging sin from your congregation has become a sin unto itself.
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purge someone or something from something

to rid something of someone or something. We are going to purge the delinquent members from the list. The court purged her arrest from the records.
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If the purge from the barrel shows a continuous streak in the same spot close to the gate, then the contamination is likely in the nozzle, check valve, or hot runner.
The company traced the problem to the HDPE-based purging compound it had been using for more than 10 years, which did not clean Garlock's production materials from the press efficiently, and was itself difficult to purge from the machine.
It is easy to purge from the system, so it acts more like a release coating for the resin being molded than an actual purging agent.