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binge and purge

slang To eat a large quantity of food and vomit shortly thereafter (as is symptomatic of the eating disorder bulimia), often repeatedly. Because she goes to the bathroom immediately after every meal, I'm starting to worry that she's binging and purging.
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binge and purge

to overeat and vomit, alternatively and repeatedly. (A symptom of the condition called bulimia.) She had binged and purged a number of times before she finally sought help from a doctor. Terry had been bingeing and purging for a number of years and was very, very thin.
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purge someone or something from something

to rid something of someone or something. We are going to purge the delinquent members from the list. The court purged her arrest from the records.
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purge someone or something of someone or something

to rid someone or something of someone or something. The medicine is designed to purge the patient of the deadly toxin. We purged the list of the delinquent members.
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purge something away

to wash or flush something away. We will purge the rusty water away and then start up the pump again. We will have fresh, clean water again in no time. Laura purged away the rusty water.
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the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
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The on-site destruction company typically does 20 purge jobs per month, with a current income mix of approximately 45 percent route customers and 55 percent purges, according to Bob Leventhal, a co-owner of the firm.
The direction of changeover was determined by changing the mixture in the feed hopper from the 5/95 mixture of pigmented polymer concentrate/LLDPE to an industrial off-white purge material and then returning again only to the 5/95 mixture in the hopper.
In the chapter on Sartre Watts gives the reader a fairly good background of the scholarship that links Sartrean existentialism to the purge trials, and while looking at Sartre's different literary pieces and in particular his seminal work What Is Literature?
Organizational ownership is what precludes storing company records in employees' garages or automobile trunks, and prohibits employees from assuming that the records they have created or filed are their own personal property, to purge, save indefinitely, or take with them when they retire.
Russia's Supreme Court yesterday denied posthumous rehabilitation to Nikolai Yezhov, the sinister chief of the Stalin-era NKVD secret police who fell victim in 1940 to the purges he helped to carry out.
In 1947 Harry Truman caved in to political pressure and created loyalty boards allowing federal agencies to purge "subversives" in government.
Automatic ID Purge Control, Manual Mode, and Hand Torch Now Available
This protective purge guard is said to be easy to use in injection molding, extrusion, compounding, and blow molding.
It's becoming clear to all that a processor that can quickly purge its machines can avoid losing business by having to make new customers wait in line.
8220;We are fortunate to have a very strong worldwide community of partners who promote our Oracle Validated Integration solution for purge and archive for JD Edwards[R] customers.
The original, patented design of the Ring Purge enables the fabricator to seal this inflatable dam inside the pipe and achieve a purge around the weld within a few minutes and will therefore not only save purge gas but also considerably shorten the time spent on purging.
Designated "Multi Hole Pipe Purge System," the firm says its new Argweld[R] range is for pipes from 2-12 inches in diameter and replaces the previous range known as the MKIV System.
O-rings let NVDs hold their purge and keep moisture out of the device.
All non-apostate councils need to investigate and purge noncompliant troops, encouraging their members to join TAV troops newly created for that purpose.