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purchase (something) for (someone or something)

1. To buy something on behalf of or as a gift to someone. He purchased a brand new car for Janet for her birthday. I'm purchasing some supplies for my boss.
2. To buy something for use with or by something else. I'm looking to purchase a new engine for my car. He's purchasing property all over the country for his company.
3. To buy something for a particular purpose or use. I refuse to purchase a brand-new dress for a wedding unless I know I'll wear it again in the future. You'll need to make a sizable donation for them to invite you to the gala.
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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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Only one sale occurs, between the employee and the third-party purchaser. In the contract between the employee and the RSC, the employee retains the right to approve any offer or counteroffer in negotiations between the RSC and any potential third-party purchaser; the employee also retains the right to benefit from any additional gain on the sale.
* violating any territorial exclusivity rights granted to the purchaser, or misrepresenting the nature of such rights; and
External succession requires that the firm be attractive to prospective purchasers. Some questions to think about include:
While this may sound inequitable or even illogical, the goal of theses laws is to assure that environmental contamination is remediated; the burden is placed squarely on the purchaser to determine its exposure prior to the acquisition.
In addition to performing a financial checkup, the purchaser must examine the facility's compliance history, which involves reviewing past surveys (including statements of deficiencies and plans of correction) and other compliance activity.
The subordinated bonds and CP notes are parity obligations, secured by revenues from the long-term power sales contracts (PSCs) between IPA and its power purchasers. All senior lien debt was repaid in 2013 and no additional issuance is anticipated on the senior lien, although it remains open.
Making sure that management has thought through how it will respond to a purchaser's requests on cybersecurity can help a seller maximize its value and shorten the sales process.
At five in the morning, iAbrasive staff set out to the hotel where the Indian purchaser stayed.
Since the very beginning the purchasers have had issues with the sole developer Ebrahim Abdulaal, owner of Ebrahim Abdulaal Group of Companies WLL.
Part III describes a variety of situations in which allowing an exception promotes antitrust goals more effectively than the rule itself, and it culminates in an argument for exceptions when the direct purchaser is unlikely to sue, (8) rather than limiting indirect purchaser suits to cases where the direct purchaser is legally unable (9) to do so.
Like most informed observers, the Antitrust Modernization Commission (the Commission) has concluded that indirect purchaser litigation in the United States is unnecessarily costly and does not serve a sensible antitrust policy.
In the business of buying and selling land, it is essential that at the completion of the sale the vendor is entitled to the purchase money, and the purchaser acquires the title to the land.
The survey, which provided an update on individual health insurance, found that one-half of single purchasers chose plans with copayments of less than $20 for physician office visits.
Further to the Company's news release dated February 8, 2019, the group of purchasers including Thomas M Clay and certain members of the Clay family and associated entities (collectively the 'Purchasers') have acquired 100 percent of the shares of GQM Holdings.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company appeals from the judgment in favor of Brittany Buboltz and Alec Dishaw (collectively Purchasers), dismissing Deutsche Bank's foreclosure action against the Purchasers with prejudice.
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