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purchase (something) for (someone or something)

1. To buy something on behalf of or as a gift to someone. He purchased a brand new car for Janet for her birthday. I'm purchasing some supplies for my boss.
2. To buy something for use with or by something else. I'm looking to purchase a new engine for my car. He's purchasing property all over the country for his company.
3. To buy something for a particular purpose or use. I refuse to purchase a brand-new dress for a wedding unless I know I'll wear it again in the future. You'll need to make a sizable donation for them to invite you to the gala.
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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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A total of 25 percent of c-store shoppers purchased some type of prepared food at a c-store in the past month.
When a new application is added that requires software that was not purchased with the original solution, the cost of the software and services to implement may easily cost more than the server itself.
The purchasing company must assign a value to all of the tangible and intangible assets purchased and record these asset values on its balance sheet.
Government agencies were to have purchased and introduced to federal fleets some 10,000 light-duty alternative-fueled vehicles in 1995 alone, and by fiscal 1999, 75 percent of all federal purchases would be of "green" cars and trucks.
In 2000, Verizon purchased more than $1.3 billion in goods and services from diverse suppliers.
Especially if the book is purchased electronically only, the reader may find the parts she wants through electronic searching and quickly terminate her need for the rifle.
Thus, if a crime gun recovery traces back to a purchaser, law enforcement officers should check with the tracing center to see if the same individual purchased other firearms.
The buyer will then conduct its due diligence to ensure that there are no problems or issues with the purchased practice that will result in liability to the purchaser or a decrease in the value of the purchased practice.
Since 2002, when Sygrove first joined Swig Equities, the firm has purchased over $2 billion of real estate properties comprising over 4 million square feet of commercial office space and over 1,500 units of residential apartments.
This item discusses the IRS's views on inventory issues, including purchased and produced goods pooling under the LIFO inventory price-index computation (IPIC) method, maintaining required inventory records and reporting trade discounts and allowances.
Owner "A" had purchased his interest directly from the company based on a negotiated price tied to ABC Corp.'s GAAP book value.
Of those that reported little or no process change, only 11 percent saw "significant improvement" in the cost of goods purchased. Of those who implemented significant or dramatic process changes, 59 percent realized a significant reduction in the costs of materials.
With a thoughtful plan for tackling the key legal considerations involved, a purchaser can overcome these uncertainties and help to ensure that its newly purchased Cadillac is not, in fact, an Edsel in disguise.
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