purchase for

purchase (something) for (someone or something)

1. To buy something on behalf of or as a gift to someone. He purchased a brand new car for Janet for her birthday. I'm purchasing some supplies for my boss.
2. To buy something for use with or by something else. I'm looking to purchase a new engine for my car. He's purchasing property all over the country for his company.
3. To buy something for a particular purpose or use. I refuse to purchase a brand-new dress for a wedding unless I know I'll wear it again in the future. You'll need to make a sizable donation for them to invite you to the gala.
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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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The common shares purchased will be counted towards the 16.0 million common shares (subject to a maximum aggregate purchase price of $500 million) that TELUS is entitled to purchase for cancellation under its normal course issuer bid (the NCIB) announced on December 12, 2013 and approved by the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on December 12, 2013.
Cash remains the payment method of choice for the last in-store purchase for half of all respondents (51.4 percent).
With a rock salt purchase for slippery, wintry roads, some members would consider delivery issues, while some institutions might stockpile rock salt.
GAO identified over $300,000 in wasteful or questionable purchases, including two purchases for 3,348 movie gift certificates totaling over $30,000 for employee awards for which award letters or justification for the awards could not be provided and a purchase for a digital camera totaling $999 when there were other less costly digital cameras widely available.
Form DEQ 50-11S should include detailed information on machinery and equipment use, their locations, a statement that would qualify the purchase for the tax credit, the purchase price of the machinery and equipment and documentation of ownership.
* Purchase for $125,000 for a one and one-half story, mixed-use, walk-up w/2 apts, 1 comm'l unit and a detached 2 car garage, located in Corona, NY.
Beginning either next summer or in 1996 ABT will conduct a resident Summer Dance Institute at Purchase for students selected through national competitive auditions.
Under the final regulations, stock acquired in a qualified stock purchase for which an election is made under Sec.
* Purchase for $235,000 for a three story, mixed-use, walk-up w/2 apts and 1 comm'l unit, located in Brooklyn, NY.
* Purchase for $175,000.00 for a two story, mixed-use, walkup w/1 apt, and 1 comm'1 unit, located in Woodside, NY.
* Purchase for $220,000 for a four story walk-up w/18 apts., located in North Bergen, NJ.
* The statute provides that a purchase between related parties is not considered a purchase for Sec.
Purchase for $108,500 for a three story, mixed-use, walk-up w/4 apts., 2 comm'l units, located in Union City, NJ.
* Purchase for $265,500 for a two and one-half story walk-up w/8 apts., located in Lawrenceville, NJ.
Purchase for $179,000 for a three-story walk-up with 6 apartments, located in Long Island City, N.Y.