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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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His excellency did not charge me to purchase this house.
said he, "does not the count know where the house he purchases is situated?
Now, whoever takes this maxim abroad with him into the grand market of the world, and constantly applies it to honours, to riches, to pleasures, and to every other commodity which that market affords, is, I will venture to affirm, a wise man, and must be so acknowledged in the worldly sense of the word; for he makes the best of bargains, since in reality he purchases everything at the price only of a little trouble, and carries home all the good things I have mentioned, while he keeps his health, his innocence, and his reputation, the common prices which are paid for them by others, entire and to himself.
Having effected the purchase, he sate up as if he was greatly relieved, and the unsuccessful competitors catching a glimpse of him at this moment, the lady said to her friend,
I suppose Becky was discontented with the new piano her husband had hired for her, or perhaps the proprietors of that instrument had fetched it away, declining farther credit, or perhaps she had a particular attachment for the one which she had just tried to purchase, recollecting it in old days, when she used to play upon it, in the little sitting-room of our dear Amelia Sedley.
Sedley; and with respect to the piano, as it had been Amelia's, and as she might miss it and want one now, and as Captain William Dobbin could no more play upon it than he could dance on the tight rope, it is probable that he did not purchase the instrument for his own use.
Osborne to be Captain by purchase, vice Smith, who exchanges," Rawdon uttered that sentiment regarding Amelia's lover, which ended in the visit to Russell Square.
In this fact, indeed, there lay the clenching motive to the purchase of Dorlcote Mill.
Lists of all purchases had to be made out, and values attached, to facilitate matters at the custom-house.
When using the percentage of compensation basis, the purchase price often is based on the average compensation paid over a three to five-year period preceding the sale.
Never let purchase order issuers access your invoice processing screens.
In order to be on it," says Jackson, "it's mandatory that you accept the purchase card.
Anyone who's been through the process knows that implementing e-procurement is a waste of time and money unless you've first de-constructed the purchase transaction.
Although purchase orders are now prepared electronically--with forms readily accessible from university servers--how much of the selection, bidding, approval and purchasing chain are still done by separate people on separate computers, exchanged via e-mail, printed and faxed to the vendor?
Questionable purchases at Edwards included a $47,372 purchase of 21 computers made in late 2001 in anticipation of additional personnel being hired in the fiscal year that just ended Sept.