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purchase (something) for (someone or something)

1. To buy something on behalf of or as a gift to someone. He purchased a brand new car for Janet for her birthday. I'm purchasing some supplies for my boss.
2. To buy something for use with or by something else. I'm looking to purchase a new engine for my car. He's purchasing property all over the country for his company.
3. To buy something for a particular purpose or use. I refuse to purchase a brand-new dress for a wedding unless I know I'll wear it again in the future. You'll need to make a sizable donation for them to invite you to the gala.
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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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Once the purchase price is agreed upon, determining the payment period is the next step.
Purchasing managers must accept responsibility for purchase orders being correct and complete.
which sets up companies to accept Visa and Mastercard purchases.
One university we worked with had 25 separate steps to approve a purchase order," says Stephen J.
Yet, the time from selection to purchase to product arrival often seems like eons.
Seeing that purchasing recycled was safe and cost-competitive, many large corporations and private universities have also begun to purchase recycled, and individual consumers may soon follow suit.
Distributing or Controlled stock acquired by purchase within the five-year period (including stock indirectly acquired by purchase) will no longer be considered as purchased if (and when) the basis resulting from that purchase is eliminated.
Purchase for $142,400 for a two story, mixed-use, walk-up w/2 apts, and 1 comm'l unit, located in Jamaica, NY.
Interstate firearms traffickers frequently use two methods to obtain firearms: falsification of the ATF Firearms Transaction Record at the time of the firearm purchase or the use of a straw purchaser, an individual who purchases a firearm and completes the required paperwork for the purpose of concealing the true identity of the intended receiver of the firearm.
Following are two scenarios that highlight the benefits of corporate purchase cards:
In an "over-the-counter" transaction, the card user presents the card -- in lieu of cash, check or purchase order on account -- and then signs and receives some form of documentation of the transaction.
It examines lending in different types of neighborhoods, including those in central city and in noncentral city locations, and describes the role of mortgage originators and of institutions that purchase mortgages.
The "normal purchase and sales" exemption in FAS 1 33 allows companies to ignore the fact that their purchase and sales agreements satisfy the definition of a derivative, as long as certain conditions are met.