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purchase (something) for (someone or something)

1. To buy something on behalf of or as a gift to someone. He purchased a brand new car for Janet for her birthday. I'm purchasing some supplies for my boss.
2. To buy something for use with or by something else. I'm looking to purchase a new engine for my car. He's purchasing property all over the country for his company.
3. To buy something for a particular purpose or use. I refuse to purchase a brand-new dress for a wedding unless I know I'll wear it again in the future. You'll need to make a sizable donation for them to invite you to the gala.
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purchase something for someone

to buy something for someone else; to buy something to give to someone. Tony purchased a number of toys for the children in the orphanage. Who did you purchase this gift for?
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Significantly more males than females made this type of purchase (28.2 percent vs.
In these cases, the purchase price is a percentage, paid over a period of years, of revenue from retained clients.
During its investigation, the IRS "traced" the company's borrowed funds to several of its dividend-paying stock purchases and then invoked section 246A to reduce the corporation's dividends-received deduction.
Organizations that decide to pursue an alternate electronic solution should follow the procedural guidance detailed in the Charge Card Guidebook posted at the Purchase Card Program Office web site: <http://www.purchasecard.saalt.army.mil>.
2005-74 sets forth three scenarios that might typically represent the structure of a home purchase program administered by a relocation service provider as an employer's agent.
The final contract allowed product ordering without using the procurement department or a procurement contracting officer; the government purchase card system paid the contractor after the acceptance of each order; and most importantly, the contract covered the universe of electronic requirements over a live-year contract period.
The third failure to adhere to the notification requirements took place around February 2, 1998, after additional purchases resulted in the "immediate" Thomas family (5) owning over 10 percent of First Western shares.
Products eligible for purchase through the palmOne Education Individual Store include all of the current product line: the Tungsten E2, T5, C and E handhelds; the Zire 72, 31 and 21 handhelds; the LifeDrive mobile manager; and the Treo 600 and 650 smartphones.
For example, as I mentioned, snapshot technology may add 10 to 20% to the initial cost of the storage purchase. But if implementing snapshots can be used to delay or eliminate the need to replace an existing tape library, then that extra cost is well spent.
But the purchase can be well worth the effort if approached with knowledge of all relevant issues.
The purchase price is allocated first to cash and cash equivalents, then to inventory, and finally to other tangible assets.
The range of goods which farmers could purchase through the Grange and the limitations of the selection also goes unexplored.
Likewise, students across the country convinced university administrators to purchase sweatshop-free apparel only after incessant engagement through meetings, protests and sit-ins.
Financing the entire purchase price of an industrial or commercial property can be a difficult and frustrating task for business owners because conventional lenders will rarely exceed set formulas.