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sock puppet

A social media account in which one misrepresents their identity, usually to appear as another person who agrees with the views or comments expressed through their main account. The name refers to a type of hand puppet, in which a sock is fitted over the hand. After some time, it was discovered that the CEO had several sock puppet Twitter accounts, which he used to rave about his business and drive customers to his site. It didn't take long until sock puppets overran the thread with controversial posts that were all very similar to each other in tone and style. I'm skeptical of these 200 glowing reviews—I bet they're all by sock puppets.
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meat puppet

1. Some useless, irrelevant, or inconsequential person. Who the hell do you think you are to criticize me? You've never done anything meaningful in you're life—you're just a damn meat puppet! I hate commuting on the train to work with all the other meat puppets in this city.
2. vulgar slang A penis. My last roommate used to walk around in the nude, with his meat puppet hanging out and everything!
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fuck puppet

vulgar slang Someone with whom one has casual sexual interactions without the commitment of a formal relationship. After two long, ultimately painful relationships, I'm just looking to find a fuck puppet these days. John says he and Susan are just fuck puppets, but I think he's falling for her.
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fuck buddy

and fuck puppet
n. a sexual partner with whom one has no romantic or nonsexual interests. (Usually objectionable.) Bob an Barb are just fuck buddies. They really don’t care a thing about each other. She showed up about midnight with her cheap fuck puppet in tow.
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fuck puppet

See also: fuck, puppet

meat puppet

1. n. the penis. Stop scratching your meat puppet!
2. n. a TV announcer; a talking head on television. These documentaries are just one meat puppet after another.
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References in classic literature ?
That puppet yonder," thought Mother Rigby, still with her eyes fixed on the scarecrow, "is too good a piece of work to stand all summer in a corn-patch, frightening away the crows and blackbirds.
And now, darling, I have taken so much pains with thee and thou art so beautiful, that, by my troth, I love thee better than any witch's puppet in the world; and I've made them of all sorts--clay, wax, straw, sticks, night fog, morning mist, sea foam, and chimney smoke.
And why should my poor puppet be the only one to know himself and perish for it?
As he yielded to this suggestion a ready and rapturous assent, they all rose and walked away together; he keeping close to the box of puppets in which he was quite absorbed, the merry little man carrying it slung over his arm by a strap attached to it for the purpose, Nelly having hold of her grandfather's hand, and Mr Codlin sauntering slowly behind, casting up at the church tower and neighbouring trees such looks as he was accustomed in town-practice to direct to drawing-room and nursery windows, when seeking for a profitable spot on which to plant the show.
Will a group of joyous children, the young ones of the house, come dancing, shouting, laughing, into the open air, and cluster round the show-box, looking with eager merriment at the puppets, and tossing each a copper for long-tailed Mammon, the monkey, to pick up?
Her reverting to this tone as if our association were forced upon us and we were mere puppets, gave me pain; but everything in our intercourse did give me pain.
The first OpenStack configuration module, that uses a declarative, model-based technology to enable system administrators to define reusable configurations of services and applications, is now available for free download from Puppet Labs' online marketplace Puppet Forge.
Unsurprisingly, the Thatcher puppet fetched more than pounds 10,500.
They tested 64 babies aged 21 months, who were asked to give a treat to, or take a treat away from one of two puppets - one who had previously helped another puppet, and another who had harmed the other puppet.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Prague Puppet Theater Festival selected Iranian theater director and playwright Behrouz Qaribpour as the head of its jury.
There's puppet love, puppet sex and even puppet porn in the American musical hit that mixes a human cast with a puppet population of colourful characters.
Puppet artist Janni Younge not only won a Fleur du Cap award for her outstanding puppets and masks in Pictures of You, but also received the 2010 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Theatre.
The highlight of each evening will be a puppet show.
Next month MTV bows "Warren the Ape"--a parody of docuseries in which cameras follow the debased life of out-of-work celebrity puppet Warren (who originally appeared on Fox's and IFC's "Greg the Bunny").
A sceptical teacher might be tempted to say, 'A puppet to help me teach science?