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feel puny

To feel sick. I woke up feeling puny, so I just stayed in bed all day. Elise didn't come to the party because she's feeling puny.
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feeling (kinda) puny

feeling ill. I'm feeling puny. Think I might be coming down with a cold. Bill had to skip football practice on account of he was feeling puny.
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Theologically, it tells me that God is great and we are puny. Meteorologically, it tells me it will be a beautiful day tomorrow.
But at just 11 kilometers in length, the Reelfoot fault was always considered too puny to shoulder the blame for any of the major New Madrid earthquakes, says Johnston.
Explain please!" We'd love to, William, but we too are mystified by the puny penalties.
At 35 kilometers wide, Manson is one of the biggest impact craters on Earth, though most scientists have considered it too puny to account for the amount of iridium present in K-T boundary sediments.
We don't know about you but puny, middle-aged men don't really do it for us - so put it away, love.
Researchers had mistakenly estimated that the comet's relatively puny ion emissions couldn't create a bow shock more than 6,000 kilometers from the nucleus.
We also have a very dangerous situation developing in Korea but our cowardly leaders will not address it with vigour because, unlike our puny enemy in the Middle East, they are aware that they would have to contend with the might of China supporting its ally if they were to intervene.
Because static stresses appear too puny to spark distant quakes, most researchers are focusing on another type of stress change, a temporary one caused by seismic waves traveling through the Earth.
Alas that's part of the problem for AOL, alarmed at boss Steve Case's puny profile.
Astronomers have long believed that a newborn galaxy possesses a magnetic field that's downright puny. Over billions of years, the tiny "seed" field would grow stronger, gathering energy from the rotation of its parent galaxy and from the turbulent motions of galactic gas.
Oh yes, they are sport's ultimate flat-track bullies - too powerful by far for puny opposition but always likely to flop whenever the big boys line up against them.
This is a puny move but will help put China in its proper place.
In comparison, the 2019 Ram 1500 has a towing capacity of only 12,750 pounds, a feature which Musk described as "(https://www.thedrive.com/news/27169/elon-musk-calls-ram-trucks-towing-capacity-puny-while-tweeting-about-tesla-pickup-truck) puny ."
Begonia burglars When flower buds appear on begonias, remove any that have winged embryo seedpods behind them as these produce puny flowers that will rob the plant of energy.
On Wednesday night, when it was at $620 million, the Powerball jackpot looked sort of puny given all the attention lavished on the $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot won in South Carolina on Tuesday.