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take a punt at

1. To make an attempt at; to try. John's taking a punt at writing for an online magazine. He says he likes it so far.
2. To make a guess or estimate about. Many tech websites like this try to take a punt at what cultural trends will be like, but few of them are ever on the mark.
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take (or have) a punt at

have a go at; attempt. Australian & New Zealand informal
1998 Times: Magazine However cheerfully positive I can be about the future, the man from the Pru isn't going to take a punt on me living the full term.
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in. to do something different in a pinch; to improvise. (From the act of kicking the ball in order to gain ground in football.) Everyone expected me to lose my temper, so I punted. I cried instead of getting mad.
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5-yard average ranks second on the school's career punting list behind the 43.
When Kluwe got his opportunity, he set a school record for punting yardage in 2003 and last season he was a Ray Guy Award finalist, averaging 43.
Idaho, Saturday's opponent at Autzen Stadium, presents another threat to the UO punting game in returner Cedric Thompson, who ran back four kicks or punts for touchdowns last year for College of the Canyons.
We now flip-flop our scout and start teams so that the scouts are punting from the end zone.
In the same game, senior Kamar Jackson tried his hand at punting and got off kicks of 21, 20, minus-2 and 25 yards.
Punting to a coffin corner can help narrow the area to be covered and put the ball out of bounds inside the 10-yard-line.
Stat check: Walk-on punter Taylor Odegard couldn't resist checking the NCAA statistics this week and was stunned to see his lone punt against Hawaii helped the Trojans rank 11th in the nation in net punting.
In an example of punter's logic, Malone knows if Leinart comes back, his opportunities for punting probably will be fewer than average.
2 yards per try, and were sixth in net punting with an average of 36.
USC's Tom Malone ranks 12th nationally in punting, but he already has written himself off for having any chance of finishing in the top 10.
Realizing that punting was his best ticket to a college scholarship, Malone took to it.