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take a punt at

1. To make an attempt at; to try. John's taking a punt at writing for an online magazine. He says he likes it so far.
2. To make a guess or estimate about. Many tech websites like this try to take a punt at what cultural trends will be like, but few of them are ever on the mark.
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take (or have) a punt at

have a go at; attempt. Australian & New Zealand informal
1998 Times: Magazine However cheerfully positive I can be about the future, the man from the Pru isn't going to take a punt on me living the full term.
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in. to do something different in a pinch; to improvise. (From the act of kicking the ball in order to gain ground in football.) Everyone expected me to lose my temper, so I punted. I cried instead of getting mad.
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After Perkins' second touchdown return, UCLA punted once out of bounds, had a penalty when Perkins was hit before catching the ball and also had good coverage on a punt and forced a Perkins fumble that was recovered by the Sooners.
He's had a punt blocked, punted with his heels touching the back of the end zone and, in the most bizarre situation, been unfairly blamed for a missed extra point against Washington State.
Pushed back to the 35 and with loss of a down, the Bruins punted.
Ainsworth, who can punt a football farther than most high schoolers, finally punted on the socks issue.
He didn't kick spirals that would make Cowboys fans forget Lingua, but being able to get the ball downfield without incident qualified as a confidence builder for Vaughn, who hadn't punted in two years.
Taft then punted after three plays, and Dorsey continued with its strong ball control.
But when Igber couldn't hold Holtfreter's pass, Cal punted and UCLA got the ball back with 3:23 left in the half.