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take a punt at (something)

1. To make an attempt at; to try. John's taking a punt at writing for an online magazine. He says he likes it so far.
2. To make a guess or estimate about. Many tech websites like this try to take a punt at what cultural trends will be like, but few of them are ever on the mark.
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take (or have) a punt at

have a go at; attempt. Australian & New Zealand informal
1998 Times: Magazine However cheerfully positive I can be about the future, the man from the Pru isn't going to take a punt on me living the full term.
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in. to do something different in a pinch; to improvise. (From the act of kicking the ball in order to gain ground in football.) Everyone expected me to lose my temper, so I punted. I cried instead of getting mad.
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After averaging a net of 51 yards on four punts this past weekend at Colorado, the Ducks are No.
This was not a great punt at the college or pro level, but it was for high school freshmen.
In part because of a reliance on youth, however, the Ducks have contended with some inconsistencies blocking for James on punt plays this season.
The wideouts can be lined up like the normal "Roger" punt formation or as though you are going to run "Lucy." We like to mix our alignments so that the receiving team cannot get a good read on whether we are punting or running some sort of fake.
As a true freshman in 2009, he averaged 40.5 yards on 60 punts. Last season, he improved his average to 42.3 yards on 40 punts, the sixth-best single-season average in school history.
In that latter role, OSU eventually urged him to join the team without a scholarship, with the understanding he would receive one if he punted well enough.
the blocked punt is the most dramatic of special-teams plays.
When the Beavers beat Louisville, four of OSU's five touchdown drives started in Louisville territory after punt or kick returns across midfield.
We will never (or hardly ever) line tip in the same punt return or punt block alignment two weeks in a row.
The 6-foot-3, 220-pound native of Moraga, Calif., punted 11 times, averaging 46.2 yards per punt.
We approached it with a "simple can be successful" philosophy that enabled our punt return and blocking unit to block five punts and rank first in the conference and 15th in the country.
It will probably be Poyer and Markus Wheaton returning kickoffs, and either Poyer or Kevan Walker on punts. Poyer hasn't returned a punt in a game but was lined up with Rodgers last week and made a fair catch, and he has been the primary backup in practices.
In two plays the Oilers got a first down before the Nokomis defense eventually step of and hold them at third down 5 yards to go before Dylan "Sunshine" Hayes sacked the quarterback for 7-yard loss forcing EAWR to punt the ball to the Redskins.
Seafaring Expeditions to Punt in the Middle Kingdom: Excavations at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Egypt