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take a punishing

1. To be thoroughly beaten or thrashed; to suffer rough treatment or abuse. My younger brother was always a shy, skinny kid who often took a punishing from schoolyard bullies. My feet have taken a punishing from hiking in these old sneakers.
2. To be soundly defeated or bested; to lose by a wide margin. Their team's inexperience showed on the pitch today, as they took a punishing from the powerful squad from New Zealand.
3. To suffer severe losses or setbacks. The stock market took a punishing over the weekend after fears of Greece's exit from the Eurozone. My efforts to get my PhD have taken a punishing over the last couple of years, but I'm still determined to see it through.
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punish someone by something

to discipline someone by doing something. The headmaster punished the children by forcing them to go to bed early. She punished herself by not eating.
See also: by, punish

punish someone for something

to discipline someone for [doing] something. Someone will punish you for what you did. Please don't punish me for doing it. I'm sorry.
See also: punish

punish someone with something

to use something to discipline someone. The captain punished the sailor with the lash. Sally threatened to punish Timmy with a spanking.
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It's unlikely there was ever going to be an opportune time for The Punisher to be released after the October 1 tragedy given that there's been at least 35 mass shootings since then, according to recent reports.
Production values are adequate, although the establishing shots of Manhattan, from which Punisher then enters some Canadian subway system, can be disconcerting.
He busts his psychopathic brother Jim (Doug Hutchison) out of confinement, and they now plan their revenge on the Punisher.
If individuals follow this model, they will not punish a given level of cheating at all in the unrestricted treatment but will punish that same level of cheating if designated punisher in the second treatment.
Thus, he adopts the guise of The Punisher, clad in leathers and a skull and cross bones T-shirt given to him by his murdered boy, which is at least one size too small but perfectly shows off his manly physique.
Thus, he adopts the guise of The Punisher, clad in leathers and a skull and crossbones T-shirt given to him by his murdered boy, which is at least one size too small but perfectly shows off his manly physique.
In the revenge-themed The Punisher, opening on Friday September 24, the one-time disco heartthrob plays Howard Saint, the fearsome head of a Florida criminal family, who proves to be anything but saintly in his activities.
Some Stan Lee credited future releases listed are: Nick Fury (2008), Thor (2009), Magneto (2009), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man (2008), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Spider-Man 3 (2007), The Invincible Iron Man (2007), The Hands of Shang-Chi (2007), The Punisher 2 (2007), The Harpy (2007), Ghost Rider (2007).
In case you still haven't seen it, the series based on Marvel's perhaps most notorious antihero, 'The Punisher,' has amazed fans since its release on Netflix a few weeks back.
CRIME AND PUNISHER FRANK CASTLE has already made his small-screen debut, albeit as the bad guy fighting Matt Murdock's Daredevil.
Fans have been waiting over a year to see "Marvel's The Punisher," and some will want to be first to see it.
Not helping matters back then was both Hellboy movies sharing a release year with R-rated Punisher movies (not made by Marvel Studios) that bombed.
COMIC book genius Steve Dillon, who is best known for his artwork on Judge Dredd, Preacher and The Punisher, has died, aged 54.
Those familiar with Marvel's Punisher character would know that Frank Castle is pretty much like Deadpool, but not as funny and explicit.
The Tweet Punisher device itself is crafted from a 1940's typewriter with keys intricately wired to type out the characters of any tweet posted with the designated hashtag, “#tweetpunisher”, while users observe via a live video feed on the Cellairis Facebook page.