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take a punishing

1. To be thoroughly beaten or thrashed; to suffer rough treatment or abuse. My younger brother was always a shy, skinny kid who often took a punishing from schoolyard bullies. My feet have taken a punishing from hiking in these old sneakers.
2. To be soundly defeated or bested; to lose by a wide margin. Their team's inexperience showed on the pitch today, as they took a punishing from the powerful squad from New Zealand.
3. To suffer severe losses or setbacks. The stock market took a punishing over the weekend after fears of Greece's exit from the Eurozone. My efforts to get my PhD have taken a punishing over the last couple of years, but I'm still determined to see it through.
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punish (someone or oneself) by (doing something)

To do something as a way of penalizing or disciplining someone or oneself. The boss has been punishing those who disagree with him by loading them with more work than they can handle. For breaking his diet over the holidays, Bob punished himself by only eating vegetables for two weeks straight.
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punish (someone or oneself) for (something)

To penalize or discipline someone or oneself for some crime, wrong, mistake, or other transgression. Bob punished himself for breaking his diet over the holidays by only eating vegetables for two weeks straight. I feel like this heavy workload is the boss's way of punishing me for disagreeing with him during the meeting.
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punish with (something)

1. To penalize or discipline someone or oneself with a particular action or outcome. A noun or pronoun is used between "punish" and "with." I feel like the boss has been punishing me with a heavy workload just because I disagreed with him in the meeting. You would have been punished with death if you committed that crime in my home country.
2. To handle something in a very rough, damaging manner. A noun or pronoun is used between "punish" and "with." You need to stop punishing your body with so much alcohol each weekend. I'm surprised my car lasted as long as it has, considered how much I've punished it with my daily commute.
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punish someone by something

to discipline someone by doing something. The headmaster punished the children by forcing them to go to bed early. She punished herself by not eating.
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punish someone for something

to discipline someone for [doing] something. Someone will punish you for what you did. Please don't punish me for doing it. I'm sorry.
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punish someone with something

to use something to discipline someone. The captain punished the sailor with the lash. Sally threatened to punish Timmy with a spanking.
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Similarly, three Constables, Mudasir Akhtar, Azhar Mahmood and Rizwan Rashid were punished with two steps salary reduction.
Only the passengers who are caught or seen throwing waste will be punished.
Road blockage resulting in significant damage will be punished with 30 hours of public works and confiscation of property used for blockage, or up to 5 days in prison and confiscation of property used for road blockage.
He said: "An opponent put a tackle on Gaston Ramirez that should have been punished with a 15-game ban.
Not all criminals will be punished neither will all the culprits escape punishment as we continue to evolve into democratic society.
Could, for instance, students be punished for complaining about a grade on Facebook if a teacher interpreted it as an attempt to intimidate?
The Nation quoted Abbasi, as saying that there was no difference between the allegations levelled against Azharuddin and former Pakistan skipper Salim Malik, as both were punished circumstantial evidence.
The British Boxing Board of Control haven't really punished him, he's still here, so it's left to me to punish this guy and I'll do that.
He said: "The players are the ones who will be punished.
We cannot say we are punished because we are Hearts.
Respect was launched in August to address poor behaviour towards referees, but a growing number of MPs want the campaign scrapped unless Morgan is punished for elbowing Hume in the side of the head during a local derby match at Oakwell in November.
He is the only manager in the league that cannot be punished for these things.
1 : to make suffer for a fault or crime <The child was punished for lying.
They were worried after South Africa and Australia had been complaining in the press that Richie McCaw wasn't getting punished enough for killing the ball on the floor, and as a result, I would be harsh and punish him regularly.
The killers must be punished and they will be punished, God willing", Nasrallah said, again drawing cheers from the crowd.