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feel puny

To feel sick. I woke up feeling puny, so I just stayed in bed all day. Elise didn't come to the party because she's feeling puny.
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feeling (kinda) puny

feeling ill. I'm feeling puny. Think I might be coming down with a cold. Bill had to skip football practice on account of he was feeling puny.
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Even if they still look like their nutritionally punier forebears, the products are at least conceptually new.
The 5" roller-bearing rubber wheels keep you on the straight-and-narrow, and the stability is rock-solid, unlike competitors' punier models that easily tip over.
The small-cast, one-set, cheap-to-produce, American domestic drama that's been our staple for the past decade or more looks even punier next to the new epic: the great, groping, revisionist, American history play.
Lamb chops, marinated in lime juice, jaggery, ginger and garlic and blackened on the grill, are punier than their price tag (PS4.30 a pop - portions used to be bigger, our waitress confides) and a little overdone compared to the pinker, plumper ones I've had at the Shoreditch branch.
To generate numbers, the punier and relatively pocket-friendly steel-framed E-Pace was thus born, to the briefest automotive introductory drive I have experienced outside the borders of our (bleep)hole country and a backdrop of snarling, caterwauling noises that unsettled me repeatedly during the lunch break last Monday.
Niehr, "Religion in den Konigreichen der Aramaer Syriens," in Religionen in der Urnwelt des Allen Testaments 11: Phoni-zier, Punier, Aramaer (Stuttgart: W.
Once upon other times, Corrie was Queen of soap operas, streets ahead of its punier rivals.
Crows that took home the best nutritional formula used by specialists in nursing orphan chicks ended up with noticeably punier youngsters than neighbors relying entirely on wild food.
The result is that blokes in the 1990s have larger brain capacity than ever - but punier bodies.