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punctuate something with something

1. to add a particular punctuation mark to a piece of writing. You have punctuated this ad with too many exclamation points. This letter is punctuated with dashes to emphasize the key points.
2. to add emphasis to one's speaking by adding phrases, exclamations, or other devices. Her comments were punctuated with a few choice swear words. Tom punctuated his address with a few choice comments about politicians.
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serves to punctuate the completion of our corporate transformation while concurrently initiating a new paragraph in the Company's development and progression toward the fulfillment of greatly increased shareholder value.
The facts are clearly presented, and Mapplethorpe's photographs generously punctuate the trial sequences as evidence for the rather surreal testimony introduced by both accusers and accused.
Large departments embrace two atria and each atrium can be enlarged to form nodes for collective student activity that punctuate the campus.
Gazing into the rock and fossil record, some geologists and paleontologists have found various periodicities to the mass extinctions that punctuate the earth's history.
Although the economy remains sluggish, we are excited to punctuate a profitable quarter by rewarding our investors with this dividend," said Vic Edelbrock, President and Chief Executive Officer.
Monolithic black kitchens and honed-black granite vanities punctuate and contrast these "cloud-like" spaces.
Organisms that have settled comfortably into their evolutionary niches, having survived millions of years of normal, or "background," extinction forces, could suddenly find that the evolutionary tables have turned on them during the relatively brief and rare episodes of mass extinction that punctuate the history of the earth.
More melody in music and vocals, deeper subject matter and extraordinarily potent guitar solos from Tony Rombola punctuate an evolution that the band stress is not due to any outside influence.
Dressed in black and white padded bike shorts with knee pads and black sneakers (design; by Kari Perkins), the dancers punctuate nonstop, sculptural movement with jumps and rolls as they intentionally collide Whither running freely or squashed against the glass like bugs on a windshield, they move with athletic precision one-armed handstands and kamikaze dives into the wall are just two of the many signature steps comprising Bustamante's angular, sophisticated choreography.
The Company's exclusive patent-pending Punctuate Your Point(R) allows members to insert sound effects into their voice, text or video conversations.
com(TM) IP telephony service can add a dose of holiday cheer to all of their PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC communications using the patent-pending Punctuate Your Point(R).