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We ran the machine at a similar speed punching the same parts for a similar time period.
The progressive images shown here illustrate the sequence of events during the punching cycle.
Setting up new punching operations requires a thorough analysis of the materials to be punched, the punch presses' production capabilities, and the best tooling to achieve quality and maximum productivity.
Eccentric presses are well suited for the punching process.
Mate's Ultra tool system has developed a good track record for punching difficult materials at high speeds.
The Libra introduces entirely new machine technology in the way it handles tooling, punching and material movement within its operating cycle.
Ron Sarchian began Tuesday in his attempt to break the world record for hitting a punching bag, at Premier Fitness in Encino.
The global annual market volume for folding-box gluers and punching machines is estimated at around Euro 600 million.
The brother suspected of punching Andreade is an ex-convict and was taken into custody on an unrelated parole warrant, Graves said.
The biggest surprise De La Hoya brought to Las Vegas was his punching power.
The one thing that might've surprised many observers was De La Hoya's punching power.
And his punching power also seems to have diminished against his most formidable opponents.
Is he punching harder earlier in the fight or maintaining his power?
Because kicking and punching can strain the elbows and knees, a good instructor should emphasize proper form and safety.
But if they don't respect Lennox's punching power, they're crazy.