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From there, he punched down the ground with authority and played late with guides and deflections aplenty on the way to 50 off 103 balls.
Postol, who's taller and rangier than Matthysse, punched down and found angles for his shots.
But the gulf in class remained and a classic backhand punched down the line soon sealed it.
Mr Smith managed to get up but was punched down to the ground again and his wife was pushed to the floor, fracturing her arm, before Bartlett, of Gwaunmiskin Road, Beddau, and Bevan, of Morland Crescent, also in Beddau, ran off.
Traditionally, the cap is either punched down by hand or by mechanical means (pigeage), or pumped over with must (remontage).
As the sponge rises and fills with gases, it needs to be punctured or punched down to keep it from overtopping the trough.
All four pairs of the Category 6 and Category 5e cables in the MC and ICs are punched down in the Ortronics Clarity 24- or 48-port patch panels for maximum cable connectivity.
The dough is then punched down, reshaped, and transferred to a bowl, covered with a damp towel, and set aside in the refrigerator for several hours (24 hours at most).
All this mechanical and (for most of us) rather sinister area is made bearable by a light court punched down next to the pool that greets visitors at the main entrance.
Secondly, a damning report from an American pathologist claims post-mortem reports reveal that Annie choked only after being beaten and punched down a flight of stairs.
When the rain falls back Snow melts in each footprint, each a wound Punched down to the red clay.
Young's serve continued to falter and although the American made the Scot sweat a little late in the third the gulf in class remained and a classic backhand punched down the line soon sealed it.
An inquest was told that Matthew had been kicked and punched down the stairs.