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He replied: "He's come up and punched someone so...
Now, all you have to prove is that you punched the time card - and it is a mistake to rely on your colleagues to verify your claim that you were at work everyday.
For this order, punched and bent plates will be conveyed through a wall directly to a press-side stacker.
Concerns have been raised over the following aspects of large-scale implementation of this technology in South Africa: (i) the need for automation of this methodology; and (ii) concerns of contamination when spots are punched out either manually or via an automated punch.
Many of our parts have hundreds of punched holes and complex features, which is what we ran in the test because we wanted it to replicate routine punching projects as much as possible."
I could have laid the plate down on parallels and punched the inserts out, but that would have risked the expensive parts banging into each other while hidden under the plate.
With the recent addition of several new products, all requiring punched stainless steel cabinetry, the company set up a new punching department using a new Murata Wiedemann Motorum 2044 precision punch press.
In some counties using punch-card ballots, votes went unregistered because the holes next to the candidates' names weren't entirely punched through, and thus weren't registered by ballot counting machines.
Voters are required to jump back and forth between booklet and ballot to match their choice with the number to be punched. And then there are the chad, which must be fully separated from the punch-card to prevent counting problems.