punch up

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punch something up

to register a figure on a cash register or calculator. Jake punched the total up, and the register drawer opened. He punched up the total too carelessly.
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BOSS Stan Ternent today reveals the furious punch ups and rows that have marred his time in football.
If it's not blood in the bowl from skating, it's blood from punch ups.
No rows, no punch ups, all too civilised for words.
However there were a number of punch ups and in the 37th minute Tadgh Kennelly, who was playing at wing forward, slipped his marker Eamon Breen before being the recipient of a high challenge, from another Finuge defender.
The sheer volume of glass bottles littering the nation's high streets has seen them become a convenient weapon for drunken revellers embroiled in after-hours punch ups.
There were plenty of emotional ups and downs too - bust-ups after long nights of clubbing and drinking, huge punch ups between the boys, passionate love affairs with Thai girls and all the stresses and strains of living together.
The programme also portrays their emotional ups and downs, which sometimes resulted in huge punch ups between the boys.