punch the clock

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punch a/the clock

1. To record the time of one's arrival to and departure from work, often on a specialized clock or other device. Be sure to punch the clock each day or there may be issues processing your pay at the end of the week.
2. By extension, to do work in general, especially a steady 9-to-5 job. I've always dreamed of winning the lottery so I don't have to punch a clock for the rest of my life.
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punch the (time) clock

1 (of an employee) clock in or out. 2 be employed in a conventional job with regular hours. North American
See also: clock, punch
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Other thesps, including Schweiger, punch the clock.
When it's time to punch the clock and leave Ruthie B's he lets everyone know by playing "Goodnight Sweetheart (It's Time To Go).
These folks have paid their dues, seen this industry go through turmoil more times than I am sure they care to remember, yet seem to have some need to just keep jumping into the fire; now's the time to punch the clock for the last time and head for greener pastures.
Times are tight at Monsters, Inc, the fright factory where its blue collar scarers and their assistants punch the clock, slipping through inter-dimensional portals (that's closet doors) to do their thing to their designated toddlers.
He based his decision on a federal law called the Portal-to-Portal Act, which specifically exempts employers from paying for pre- and post-work activities such as waiting to pick up protective gear or waiting in line to punch the clock.