punch out of

punch out of (something)

1. To strike someone or something with one's fist due to some reason. A noun or pronoun is used between "punch" and "out." He'd been stuck in traffic for so long that he punched the steering wheel out of frustration. She told the judge that she only punched him out of self-defense.
2. To strike someone or something so hard with one's fist that they or it is forced out of something or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "punch" and "out." The boxer punched her opponent right out of the ring. The drone began swooping toward me, so I punched it out of the air.
3. To pop something out of something else by applying pressure directly on it. A noun or pronoun is used between "punch" and "out." Color the characters the way you want and then punch them out of the perforated cardboard. We use a hydraulic press to punch the shapes out of the sheets of aluminum.
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punch something out of something

 and punch something out
to press on something and make it pop out of something. She punched the perforated stickers out ofthe page and stuck them onto her schoolbooks. Jane punched out the stickers.
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The good woman set oat-bread before me and a cold grouse, patting my shoulder and smiling to me all the time, for she had no English; and the old gentleman (not to be behind) brewed me a strong punch out of their country spirit.