vulgar slang Sexual activity. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can't even imagine the amount of rumpy-pumpy that goes on in that dormitory.
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According to the insider, the 'G like MC' part was about Geri and Mel C liking a bit of the old rumpy pumpy after taking ecstasy - although, of course, there is no evidence that either took drugs.
Atlanta, GA, November 07, 2018 --(PR.com)-- International hit song "Pumpy," by Da Beatfreakz, feat.
I'm really excited because there might be dancing; well, there will definitely be dancing because I'll be drunk (the closest I get to a club these days is sweating in circuits to fast pumpy music.) "Our host has created a playlist composed of guests' requests.
Rumpy Pumpy was designed by the former actor who has now set up the Saddleworth Cheese Company.
THEY DESCRIBE their sound as one with 'very pumpy drums, crunchy guitar tones and melodic vocals'.
Kevin and Molly have a close shave when they decide to use Kevin and Sally's marital bed for a bit of 'rumpy pumpy', giving Mol a near heart failure when Sal arrives home early.
They are fighting back with 90 minutes of advance grumping and there are handy hints on getting through the hard times the grumpy way including grumping through the ages, celebrity culling, why women can't help being mad and the Safe Grumpy Rumpy Pumpy. The original stage version of Grumpy Old Women Live completed four sell-out UK tours, a hugely successful month-long West End residency, and a hit run in Australia - which, combined, sold 180,000 tickets.
Five hard-driven musical numbers, including the pumpy title one, keep the heat high, though Basu clearly can't dance.
Instead, there was rumpy mixed with plenty of pumpy.
ACCORDING to gossip, amateur jumps jockey Richard Burton celebrated his 30th birthday by having rumpy pumpy in the back seat of his car with his girlfriend.
Pumpy. Join me in putting your head on the nearest flat surface until the horror subsides.
So if you tune into Sex and the Sitcom (BBC Four, 9pm) expecting to see lots of 'amusing' rumpy pumpy, then you're going to be disappointed.