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(one's) pump

dated One's heart. The doctor said there was some blockage in my pump. Looks like I might need a shunt. A: "How's your pump doing these days, Grandpa?" B: "Don't you worry about me, Timmy. My heart attack's nothing but a distant memory." She said she was having sharp pains in her chest. Do you think there's something wrong with her pump?
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the pump

informal A gasoline pump, used as a synecdoche to represent gas stations as a whole. Prices at the pump have been at their lowest since 1995. The government has issued warnings that there may be shortages at the pump following the international crisis.
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1. tv. to press someone for an answer or information. Don’t pump me! I will tell you nothing!
2. n. the heart. (see also ticker.) He has the pump of a forty-year-old.
3. n. a pumped-up muscle. (Bodybuilding.) He’s tired and can’t quite make a pump.
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I spoke like that to them, and then I gave the command to man the pumps."
The global market for pumps witnessed significant growth in2018,and is anticipated to reach a market value of$40bn by 2019.
In order to achieve high vacuum in VIM or VAR installations, Leybold offers the most modern oil booster pumps available on the market, which in combination with dry compressing DRYVAC screw pumps and RUVAC Roots pumps ensure maximum system availability at lowest operating costs.
The company deals in production, distribution, sale and operations around Asia for pumps and is a leading pump supplier to the Middle East market.
Around a decade ago, the market for pumps in Indonesia was completely import driven with majority of domestic demand being met through imports from Japan, China, Singapore and Europe.
A few minutes into the climb, I shut off the aux pumps, one at a time.
Small leaks at pumps seals is normal but sudden flooding of area near pump shafts indicates that a seal has failed and needs replacing.
Thompson Pump, a 43-year old family-owned company based in Port Orange, Fla., is a full-service manufacturer and provider of high quality pumps, pumping equipment and engineering expertise for the toughest dewatering, bypass and emergency pumping applications.
Once the sugar has been dissolved, the product transferred by four Universal 1 Series 15 pumps to the individual cooking ovens.
In Diesel pump system, the pumps used in Pakistan are mostly turbine, injection and end suction pumps powered by diesel engines and grid electricity.
Griffin offers an ever increasing line of pumps to fit nearly any bypass application.