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Ozma's my parent, you know, because she built my body and carved my pumpkin head.
And many a fine gentleman has a pumpkin head, as well as my scarecrow.
Lucia Panzieri's Little Brother Pumpkin Head (9780823435371, $16.
Definitely something different about Geoff with his pumpkin head and tiny teeth and wooden stare, but people were too polite to ask.
Jack and Sally Skellington, the Grim Reaper and Mr Pumpkin Head will be visiting Dewsbury Market from 11am to 3pm othis Wednesday, Huddersfield Open Market from 11am to 3pm on Thursday and Queensgate Market from 10am - 3pm on October 31.
TK Baha DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause the flying pumpkin head to regenerate health in Hallowed Hollow.
Then he asked me to buy some straw so he could be a scarecrow with a pumpkin head.
com)-- An innovative and effective new product designed to greatly simplify a typically cumbersome underground construction task, Pumpkin Head, has been developed by Timothy Bryant of Appomattox, Virginia.
If you nevah know was them, you would tink, one pumpkin head standing next to Barack Obama--but jus Donut and Edgar.
There was a scarecrow made to look like a noted horror film star, a ghoul lying on the ground biting on its prey, one fashioned by a little girl who had given it her doll's head, a two-headed soccer player, a table-top scarecrow and a scarecrow performing a break dance on its pumpkin head.
Since Boulder has a long tradition of public nudity and no laws on the books against it, the pumpkins, according to the police, would be charged with "indecent exposure," following the legal logic that donning a pumpkin head, as opposed to wearing nothing, makes the remaining bodily exposure "indecent.
As usual, I'd overestimated the size of this bear in the field, but looking at that pumpkin head on the ground, I had no problem with a little ground shrinkage this time around.
My hopes lay in the behemoth's preoccupation with an elk corpse into which his pumpkin head was deeply inserted, a recently-stripped elk, tagged by some lucky archery hunter during New Mexico's September season.
Or get your kids a fun Light-up pumpkin head, pounds 4.
Place skewers around the top hole and use them to attach the smaller pumpkin head.