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In the metastability-exchange method, electronic polarization is produced by optical pumping of metastable helium atoms, and the polarization is rapidly transferred to the nucleus of the metastable atom via the hyperfine interaction.
The backing pump must provide enough pumping speed and throughput to maintain the required foreline pressure to assure that the high-vacuum pump meets its performance requirements.
These friction losses will materially affect the capacity of the pumping units and also their successful operation.
Dry installed, clean-water pumps continue to dominate for use in main pumping stations.
However, a number of other factors can lead to a potentially life-threatening loss of pumping activity.
In addition to general dewatering, Heintz says his company's automatic self-priming pumps are used for cleaning and flushing pipelines, pressure testing pipelines; bypass pumping for sewer relining and pipebursting jobs, sock dewatering and stream diversions.
Gas load is referred to as mass flow while pumping speed is referred to as volume flow.
The pumping action is induced by a vertically moving rod moving from an eccentric shaft as in the case of the plunger pump or by other means to create alternate cycles of vacuum and pressure.
HB upright series comes with standard 9-kw heating element; fully programmable, microprocessor-based PID digital controller; and pumping capacities from 3/4 to 5 hp.
Through the startup and growth of rental fleets, ITT Flygt will use the engine-driven pumps to complement their broad line of electric submersibles, specifying the portable pumps for applications requiring temporary, standby or remote pumping.
Chemical scroll pumps are superior to oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and other dry pumps for pumping the condensable vapors of water, organic solvents, and corrosive gases.