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(one's) pump

dated One's heart. The doctor said there was some blockage in my pump. Looks like I might need a shunt. A: "How's your pump doing these days, Grandpa?" B: "Don't you worry about me, Timmy. My heart attack's nothing but a distant memory." She said she was having sharp pains in her chest. Do you think there's something wrong with her pump?
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the pump

informal A gasoline pump, used as a synecdoche to represent gas stations as a whole. Prices at the pump have been at their lowest since 1995. The government has issued warnings that there may be shortages at the pump following the international crisis.
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1. tv. to press someone for an answer or information. Don’t pump me! I will tell you nothing!
2. n. the heart. (see also ticker.) He has the pump of a forty-year-old.
3. n. a pumped-up muscle. (Bodybuilding.) He’s tired and can’t quite make a pump.
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In particular, our case studies suggest that if the multiple GSAs in basins across the Central Valley have not already done so, they should begin to consider questions of basin-scale governance, including how they will work together to meet SGMA's basinwide coordination requirements, how responsibilities will be shared across individual agency, multi-agency and basinwide levels, and how private pumper interests will be considered in each.
The groundwater pumper, even though she holds an adjudicated right, is damaged.
The department refers to its apparatus with a pump as a "pumper." There are 34 pumper, 13 trucks, three rescue units, one hazmat rig, and two foam pumpers.
The Creswell contingent was upset about perceived inequities in the consolidated fire department's hierarchy and delays in replacing a pumper truck destroyed in a field fire last summer.
Williams, the city's postmaster, became fire chief by group vote, mainly because she could drive the fire truck, a 1940s vintage pumper discarded by the Cedar City Fire Department and donated to Kanarraville in 1961.
Physh takes a dogsitting job, which leads her to meet a woman running a gas station whom she refers to as Pumper, to a seamstress, and finally to a woman who runs a preschool.
Your tools include a glitter pen that adds pzazz and sparkle to your creations, a batik wax crayon to add virtual wax and a texture pumper tool to create different "textures" such as mosaic and fur.
A local distributor introduced AWHC to a new design called the Pumper, made by Numatics Actuator of Franklin, TN.
An American Airlines aircraft was bumped by a fuel pumper truck while passengers were disembarking at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on 21 February.
The array of products includes ambulances, aerial ladder trucks, pumper trucks and hazardous material trucks for municipal, industrial, airport and off-road vehicles for forest or wildland firefighting applications.
And Rod Lott (from Hitch) unearths the "homoerotic subtext" in the children's video Real Life Giant Construction Equipment for Kids (Featuring Hard Hat Harry) by quoting the talking machines as they court one another - Concrete Pumper: "I'm going to pour my concrete into your rear hamper.
City of Cleveland,(17) one event challenged was a preemployment test for firefighter candidates requiring that "...while wearing a custom-tailored self-contained breathing apparatus, candidates must drag two lengths of standard 2 1/2[inches] hose 180 feet (90 feet one way, drop coupling, run to the other end of the hose, pick up and return 90 feet, drop coupling in designated area), run 75 feet to pumper, remove a one-person ladder (approximately 35 lbs.) from the side of the pumper, carry the ladder into the fire tower, place it against the back rail of the first landing and continue up the inside stairwell to the fifth floor where a monitor observes the candidate's arrival.
After all, who could resist doing a double take at the odd blue and white dumper that was once a fire engine (1980 Spartan/FMC Pumper) as it rumbles to its new duties: road patch work, recycling leaves, and other tasks?
Portland, OR, October 06, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Columbia-Inland Medical Pumper Car designated by FDA as non-measuring exercise device intended for medical purposes.