pump through

pump through (something)

1. To cause a liquid or gas to pass through something with or as with the use of a pump The engine has been dormant for too long, so we'll need to pump fresh fuel through the lines. They had been pumping toxic fumes through the pipes underneath the apartment complex, so when one leaked, it meant the entire building had to be evacuated.
2. To funnel or supply money through something. The gangster had been pumping dirty money through businesses all over the country as part of a huge money-laundering operation. If she want to truly help the economy, the president could start by pumping money through the areas that have been most badly affected by the recession.
3. To usher a large number of people through some place or system as quickly as possible. The college is more interested in pumping students through its programs than in providing the highest level of education possible. Sales clerks are trained to pump as many customers through the store as they can.
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pump something through something

to force something, such as a gas or fluid, through something. They pumped crude oil through this pipeline, all the way to the south shore. They pumped fresh air through the sewers while the workers were working inside.
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