pump into

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pump (something) into (someone or something)

1. To force a liquid or gas into someone or something through the use of a pump. They've been pumping oxygen into him to keep him alive. You need to use the primer on the lawn mower to pump gasoline into the carburetor before the engine will start.
2. To provide large amounts of money to something, such as a company, project, or business venture. The billionaire has been pumping millions of dollars into space exploration research. We've pumped too much money in this business as it is—it's time to cut our losses and call it quits.
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pump something into someone or something

 and pump something in
to try to force something, such as a gas, liquid, information, or money into someone or something. First you have to pump some air into the ball to make it hard. I pumped in the air. The hospital oxygen system pumped life-giving oxygen into Karen's lungs.
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