pump into

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pump something into someone or something

 and pump something in
to try to force something, such as a gas, liquid, information, or money into someone or something. First you have to pump some air into the ball to make it hard. I pumped in the air. The hospital oxygen system pumped life-giving oxygen into Karen's lungs.
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Included in the sustainable technologies is a two-stage variable capacity air-source heat pump in House A (house on the left in Figure 1) (Zhang et al.
This study presents a performance analysis of different photovoltaic thermal collector system arrangements, coupled with a two stage variable capacity air source heat pump in a Sustainable Archetype House in Toronto.
2 lb/s]) combined with air source heat pump in House A, the heat pump cumulative electricity consumption (day and night) for a typical heating season (from October 1 to May 22) could be reduced by 20.