pump for

pump someone for something

Inf. to try to get information about something out of someone. The representative of the other company pumped Harry for information, but he refused to say anything. Are you trying to pump me for company secrets?
See also: pump
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If you are one of those people who have been thinking about getting a heat pump for months but haven't bought one yet then this is the time for you to buy a heat pump now.
Based upon these initial results, World Water Works communicated to GLPF that it might be possible to only run one M80FP pump for each 125 hp Poseipump, but with a 40 HP motor and achieve the desired treatment results.
McCarthy, who has owned her own heat pump for about a year, says, "It's a quiet system and I am completely unaware it's there.
Other new features include welded pipe construction to eliminate leaks, an ultra-low-watt-density heater to prevent "coking," and a reversible pump for mold evacuation/purging.
LANCASTER - The Antelope Valley's first self-serve, 24-hour fueling pump for propane-powered vehicles opened Tuesday in Lancaster.
If the pump is intended to serve as a roughing/backing pump for a turbo-pumped system, the pumping speed curve would provide the crucial information that would tell you if it had enough pumping speed to adequately support the turbo pump and handle the amount of gas flowing out of the turbo's exhaust.
Specific factors depending on the application (the right type of pump for the job).
Mills must still properly execute pump and motor alignment, remove pipe strain, and properly size the pump for service or the signatures will be unacceptable.
Disconnect feature - A feature that calculates the insulin that would be missed when customers remove the Deltec Cozmo([R]) pump for up to two hours and lets them take part of that missed insulin before and after they disconnect.
If wearing the ACCUFUSER pump for continuing pain control after surgery, patients can use the unique bolus button feature to receive additional doses of non-narcotic medication to enhance their comfort.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Premarket Notification clearance to market the ACCUFUSER(R) Post-Op Pain Control Pump for use in significantly decreasing the use of narcotic pain medications following surgery.
Kirkpatrick has been using the ambIT pain pump for more than two years without complications, he said.
Nasdaq:RITA) today announced the launch of the IntelliFlow(R) pump for use with the Starburst family of infusion radiofrequency ablation (RFA) probes and model 1500X radiofrequency (RF) generator.
Food and Drug Administration for its SynchroMed(R) II Programmable Pump for the treatment of chronic pain and the management of severe spasticity - the tight, stiff muscles commonly associated with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury.