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slang Very drunk. I was absolutely pummeled by the time I left the bar last night. His skin was sallow and his teeth turned brown from getting pummeled all day, every day.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Collegiate.) Can you imagine getting pummeled on peppermint schnapps?
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this morning (July 9) Kuo released a post on the TFAU Facebook page in which she admitted that her statements about "pummeling" anti-strike flight attendants and "adding something" to the captain's entree were inappropriate, emphasizing that they were meant as jokes.
The current barrage of solar storms pummeling Earth hasn't harmed power grids on our planet or damaged satellites, but it's generated a lot of buzz.
She later told police, "that poor child was frightened and I wasn't going to let that happen." The 85-year-old woman approached the man and began pummeling him with her metal cane.
Because most older rocks were probably pulverized during the cataclysmic pummeling, it's not clear whether the resulting hydrothermal systems served as refuges for life that existed before the extraterrestrial blitz or as crucibles within which life began.
Only when the extraterrestrial pummeling began to subside, he suggests, could impact melts survive to tell their tale.
Alternatively, the pummeling could have wiped out existing life on Earth's surface but enabled other organisms to flourish--particularly those at the ocean bottom near heat-generating vents (SN: 1/9/99, p.
A new study suggests that this evolutionary Big Bang blossomed about the time that cosmic debris began pummeling our planet at an increasing rate.
By pummeling a lead target for more than 10 days with roughly a million trillion krypton ions, the team made three atoms of 118, which quickly decayed into 116, 114, and other elements.